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  1. op:/obj/copnet/OUT is what you want. It seems to be an issue with IFD generation, as if I promote the texture map parameter to a parm on the material builder and tag it with ogl_tex1, I can see the cop texture in the viewport. So the COP half of it is working properly.
  2. MiG-23 DPRK Combat Plane & Various ammo

    Looks pretty nice! I've always liked that particular plane design. Any chance of getting a shot with the wings swept back too?
  3. Two 1070 or One 1080ti?

    Always go for 1 higher-end card over 2 mid-level cards. The compatibility issues and restrictions of SLI, not to mention the VRAM issue, only make 2 cards an option if you're pairing 2 top-end graphics cards together.
  4. Switching Views using python/hscript

    You'll need to iterate through the pane tabs in the current desktop to find one whose type is SceneViewer, then: hou.curDesktop().paneTabs()[ index_of_viewort_tab ].setType( hou.CompositorViewer)
  5. Intel Discrete GPU

    Good luck to them, it's a pretty saturated and shrinking market. They're starting from a pretty distant third position, as their performance/watt is the worst of the big three currently (power consumption is good, performance is not). In other news, Intel has also announced a CPU with AMD graphics on chip, which gets simultaneous "about time" and "wth?" reactions from me. https://www.anandtech.com/show/12003/intel-to-create-new-8th-generation-cpus-with-amd-radeon-graphics-with-hbm2-using-emib
  6. What's up with the different editions of a GPU?

    The new 1070ti 8GB might be a good balance for you, in terms of price and performance.
  7. H16 Build Stability

    Probably the latest one.
  8. how null objects draw ontop of geometry?

    The null objects have their XRay flag set. You can toggle this using the object node's RMB menu, Flags > XRay.
  9. Fabric Engine no longer being developed

    Strange that there's no press release from the buying party or any other news, though. You'd think they'd want to announce that they've acquired the tech. Given the lack of fanfare I'm leaning towards them simply going out of business.
  10. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    The only thing that isn't multithreaded in the viewport is the calls to the GL functions to build buffers/textures and issue draw calls - because drivers have enough issues with single-threaded GL dispatch. I suspect what you're seeing is the single threaded texture upload/draw time.
  11. Houdini 16.5 Sneak Peek

    Probably the grooming and character work, but I wasn't involved enough in that to know the specifics.
  12. Houdini 16.5 Sneak Peek

    Jumping to a transient selection mode by holding down a key, much the way view is invoked with Space or ALT.
  13. New Intel i9 Core X CPU's

    Unless you're going to jump to one of the really high core count i9s, I would say stick with your 6900. The IPC hasn't changed enough between the two to warrant an upgrade, IMO.
  14. Assemble creates Packed Fragment primitives, while Pack just creates Packed Primitives. A Packed Fragment refers to a portion of an underlying shared geometry. In this case, all the packed fragments will refer to the same geometry, just different parts of it. The viewport can then draw this as a single mesh. But when you pack to Packed Primitives, the parts of the geometry you are packing from are extracted into new geometry for each packed prim. When the viewport goes to draw this it sees 7000 separate meshes. This takes much longer to draw as the overhead of sending 7000 batches is a long higher than sending a single batch. It's this overhead that slows things down a lot.
  15. Set Display Options in Python

    "Faded" may not exactly what you think it is. It just suppresses geometry color on the model. "DisplayModel" also only affects the geometry of displayed SOP when inside a SOP network. Are you looking for the ghosted look instead?
  16. If you manually install the driver, it compiles the kernel module for you. It's important to make sure it's using the same gcc version as the one used to compile the kernel itself. You can set the environment variables CC (to gcc) and CXX (to g++) to specify the proper gcc versions before installing the driver with the NVIDIA_...sh script.
  17. Disabling Texture Wrap in UVQuickshade

    The Decal SHOP will gives you a material which has a texture that doesn't wrap. Create one in a Shopnet, then use a Material SOP after the UVQuickshade to assign it,
  18. Yes, you can do that. The Envelope CHOP is useful to extract a much lower frequency curve from the volume, while the Pitch CHOP can be used to extract the dominate pitch of the audio. You can use either (or both) to affect the object. Instead of using noise, substitute a FIle CHOP and load your audio through that. Then use the Envelope or Pitch CHOP to filter it. You will likely need to scale or smooth the channels to get the animation results you're looking for.
  19. Background image

    It's greyed out because the camera is currently defining the background image. If you lock the view to the camera then it'll enable these options, and any changes you make will be applied to the camera Background Image parameter.
  20. Rendering Normal Maps?

    You probably need to flip the green channel (1.0 - G). There's 2 styles of normal maps, GL and DirectX, due to the fact that window Y=0 is at the bottom in GL, and the top in DirectX (matching X11 and Win conventions).
  21. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    I think it's worth noting that any new CPU architecture is inherently risky. AMD's offering has NUMA issues and Intel's heat issues (due to poor packaging of the heat spreader). If you have any issues, I'd suggest dialing back any overclocks. Rendering a sim or sequence isn't any faster if it crashes midway through.
  22. Compositing- increase canvas area

    Yep, Window COP. Also, the Border COP will give you some additonal options about how you want that area filled, if you need that.
  23. Controlling Focus Distance

    You can also use an Object CHOP to get the distance between two objects, then put a chop() expression in the focus parameter to fetch the result.
  24. How to set alpha channel with function

    Channel Copy with the following settings will copy the luminance to A and set C to black: Target: New Plane: A Source: Input 1: C Target: C Source: Set to 0 (black)
  25. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Another Houdini user submitted a bug to SideFX and managed to resolve it himself, and the bug happened to catch my eye. Similar setup to yours.