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  1. Freeze Transformations For a control in Houdini

    If I may, why is this example better than pre-transforms? (Sorry to bring up a dead thread.) In the same scenario we could unlock the spine and either add the pre-transforms section to the fetch or use the existing one on the merge_blendshapes. Using the pre-transforms and clearing translates seems like the right idea since we could then use those same tools to extract them later if necessary. As far as I know you can't extract the translation values from the keep position while parenting trick. Is there some other reason for avoiding pre-transforms? I admit I have only dabbled in animation and rigging in houdini so I sincerely am unsure.
  2. displacement motion blur

    If you only need overall motion blur and don't need the intense micro-polygon displacement that a shader will give you can do the displacement in the geometry context. If that is animated then motion blur should work. Check out my painting with polygon's post for a hip file that explains the methodology.
  3. Painting with polygons

    Hey everyone, I know this thread is old. But as I was trying to pretty much replicate this effect earlier in the week I stumbled upon it. I at first had built the motion blur through VOPS and with controlling velocity vectors, but I wanted to more accurately match the effect of the site, so I took another look at their video and thought about it for a second. If I take a noise, add the noise as displacement in a VOP SOP then we are distorting due to noise. A noise vop like Anti-Aliased Flow Noise has a position vector for the noise generation. Use a matrix rotate and a vector orient on the position of the object for what goes into the noise and ever 2pi you have the same noise pattern. <- in motionSo in their version they animate the displacement so that it matches the original position each frame, houdini didn't like that as much so I made it rotate 3 times per frame and set the xform and geo motion blur samples to 4 or 5 (HINT: Due to data types and rounding and suchnot, 2 * $PI * $FF does not work once the frame number gets really high. Instead use ($FF - $F) * 2 * $PI to get the distance the current sub frame is away from the nearest $F. Really quickly it works out, though again I made it something like ($FF - $F) * 6 * $PI. For the shader I did similar things, but I'm not really going to go into it too much. Mainly I just set up a ramp that runs off of a distorted version of the shading model coming out of a, well shading model. I'm using Houdini 11, though the motion blur should work on early versions the shaders just really won't. If anyone wants my hip file here it is: but I didn't really clean it up for everyone so I can't guarantee how easy it will be to decipher. I know I know, I should comment better. If you have any questions feel free to email me (I'll get those much faster than checking the forums) at gaviteros[at]gmail[dot]com Else wiseee: here you go! HIP File EDIT: I was informed that the hip file was broken. It should be better now, i have tested downloading it to another computer and it worked. If anyone finds any other problems please email me.