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  1. What's kiling my particles?

    Thanks Jinguang, much appreciated.
  2. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Nice tip. I never found copy stamping to be all that confusing but to be sure, the old for loop subnet business was really strange. The new For Loop blocks are powerful and I'm sure I'll get used to them but using fairly high level labels such as "metadata" and "feedback" to describe "Loop Information" and "Iterate On Top the Result of the Last Loop" might be concise but are so abstract as to be confusing.
  3. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Re-imagine the For Each Blocks. I find the current language (Meta Import, Feedback, etc) needlessly confusing and the layout (while extremely nice aesthetically) doesn't add clarity, but rather adds a confusing DOPs-like weirdness to the otherwise straight-forward SOPs. Case in point, you set the block paramaters up in the Block End node. And I strongly disagree with the help docs statement that this is less confusion than copy stamping.
  4. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Disable an input to the merge node without disconnecting it.
  5. What's kiling my particles?

    I have a simple curved tube open at the top and closed at the bottom with 3 fluid sources inside (see image below). They emit and the fluid travels nicely inside the curved tube. However, it doesn't collect at the bottom of the tube. It also doesn't appear to be leaking or near the volume boundary (so that's not killing the particles either). Hip file attached. Much appreciated if anyone has time to check it out. workbench.hiplc
  6. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Invert the color of the font and background on the current active paramter tab. Paramter tabs that are now in a bold font are helpful but make it hard to tell quickly which tab is the exposed tab.
  7. Pose Library and FBX?

    I'm struggling here too. I create a geometry, rig it with 3 bones, create a subnet and animate it. Then I save the animation as a pose to the pose library and save the subnet out as an HDA. The problem arises when I bring in the HDA and try to apply poses. The poses don't take. Following this thread, I then Allow Editing of Contents for the HDA, dive in, select all the nodes and open the Type Propertes. In the Paramters tab, I get a "Can't edit paramaters for this operator" message? Any chance you guys could do a turorial on using the pose library. Fiona did a great starter but applying the poses to HDA rigs seems to be a black art. Thanks Kevin
  8. 16.5 drums

    And we're off...
  9. 16.5 drums

    Drums fingers on desk...checks web site...tap tap tap...mumbles something about quadrapeds and hotkeys...checks web site...
  10. Renderfarms renderers and plugins

    I had a fairly miserable experience with Zync and the opposite with GM. Second what StepbyStep had to say, esp re support. You also can render your Nuke comps which is handy.
  11. Solved. I had a file path mismatch after upgrading to High Sierra. For Indie users: open Houdini Terminal: houdini -indie ~/filepath someHoudiniMagic.hiplc
  12. Thanks Symek. Yes, single computer with Indie license. I'll dig in and see where I'm going sideways.
  13. Can you open multiple instances of Houdini under an Indie license? I don't think you can but checking in case I've missed it. I know you can fire off a Mantra render from the terminal and keep using Houdini but it would be great to have more than one copy of Houdini available for some projects. Related, is it possible with 2 Indie licenses?
  14. 16.5 drums

    So there's that. Good one.
  15. 16.5 drums

    Good info. It was the the Houdini History thread below that got me thinking.