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  1. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    that would be cool to have some AI based denoiser for mantra like the nvidia and pixar stuff https://developer.nvidia.com/optix-denoiser https://www.disneyresearch.com/innovations/denoising/
  2. NodeGraphPro.incNodeGraphPro.incGotcha ! With the new graph the background pref of the network view are in a new pref files. C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 16.5.378\houdini\config\NodeGraphPro.inc edit this line : GraphBackground: GREY(0.5) NodeGraphPro.inc houdiniPro.zip
  3. Hi Guys I was wondering how to modify the Network View Background color, in order to match the old houdini pro UI presets. I am playing in the 3DSceneColors.bw files, where i think it is the only place you can modify this, but i haven't find yet the good id for what i want to do. Any Ideas ? Thanks for your time. Cheers E
  4. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Thanks thomas , the pb with resample is that it create uniform space beetween points, i you want to get uv coord it's not working. In the hip attach the first method use a resample to get u with att transfer.
  5. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Having a VEX command to query u coord of a point on a curve directly would be great. f@u = ucoord(0,@P); The best option in vex is still : // Run Over -> Points int prim; vector uv; xyzdist(0, @P, prim, uv); int mode = 4; // PRIMUV_UNIT_TO_UNITLEN u@uv_profile = primuvconvert(@OpInput1, set(uv.x, 0.0), prim, mode) vex_command_u_coord.hiplc
  6. How to merge poly points correctly ?

    I have finally solve my issue to get a clean proper merge point on a poly curve. To get the exact equivalent of a maya merge centered point, i need to use 3 nodes in this exact order - snap centered - closed straight - fuse point With this combination i am able to grab the merge point correctly. If you have a cleaner / more simple way of doing this , i would be happy to know ! Cheers E merge_point.hiplc
  7. How to merge poly points correctly ?

    Thanks for your answer Nache, i think 50% of my problem is that i am confusing Maya / Houdini concept ... to me you need a vertex normal (vertices ?) each time you want to attach a point to a face. so 4 points creating a quad only need 4 vertices to create one quad prim -> this is the REF exemple in my scene => that sound logical to me. in that scenario if your geo is merge correctly you don't need 5 vertices. BUT you indeed need 5 vertices if you want to store correctly your uv 's because you indeed need to store 0, 1, 2, 3 and 0 to close the UV map properly. and i guess that this concept of vertex normal and uv's in H is still not crystal clear in my mind. But you are right the solve is to close the geo before the fuse , i was thinking that merging the point will automatically close the geo, but it is not the case.
  8. Hi Guys, I would like to know what is the proper way to merge point on a poly geo in H. I have attach a very simple scene, when i use fuse to merge my points, it does merge the points, but i still get 5 vertices ? How would you do to get a clean merge with 4 vertices only ? Thanks for your time. Cheers E fuse.hiplc
  9. Fabric Engine no longer being developed

    https://www.awn.com/news/mpc-adds-paul-doyle-global-head-rd http://moving-picture.com/film/content-pages/mpc-film-appoints-fabric-software-s-paul-doyle-as-global-head-of-rd/
  10. Saliva FX

    i would try to design some proxy poly geo and curves that sketch the saliva , with manual artistic control (ability to draw the exact pattern you want) use cloth + wire solver to generate some dynamic on them convert those to one mesh with vdb. then generate additional detail with extra flip simulation on top of your base mesh by inherithing vel of your base mesh. i will then merge the base mesh generated from cloth/wire and the flip mesh into one object and add some post process magic in sop to smooth the result. i have not put my hand on grain solver yet , but this video also contain some interesting idea to be modify to a saliva system ( with lot of imagination ... :))
  11. Particles along surface

    I can't open your hip cause i have no access to H now but i'm curious : Why do you guys prefer to use either - primuv() / xyzdist() - or min pos ? Instead of the classical sdf and volumegradient() / volumesample() path ? - inject a non divergent noise with curl noise for ex - stick the pop to surface with the distance to sdf Sound like a good option too ? What are the advantage of other methods in this scenario ? Thanks for your lights ! Cheers E EDIT: here is a test with sdf method. i also love Matt technics didn't know this one ... pbd stuff looks really cool. goal_sdf.hipnc
  12. Happy 10th Birthday Od[force]

    Happy Birthday Od Force !
  13. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Houdini > color settings > user interface > Houdini Pro => bring back the bright grey background of the node editor.
  14. Optical Mocap Solutions

    Hi Felix ! Sorry for the delay answer, and thanks for your feedback. In other word : - For body mocap optiTrack just work great. - For fine detail like detail Face Mocap / Detail Finger mocap vicon is better choice The vicon vero 2.2 looks to have a max distance at 5m max, while the optitrack prime 17w looks to go to 7m. I have contact vicon on their site and by mail and never get an answer after 3 weeks. I have an answer and phone call from optitrack engineer 30 minutes after my mail. I think OptiTrack prime 17W will be good enough for our needs. Cheers E
  15. Optical Mocap Solutions

    Hi Guys, I would like to know what would you recommand for optical mocap solutions. I need a solution that connect to IKinema LiveAction and UE4 so this restrict the choice between Vicon and Optitrack. If anyone has some xp with those system i would be happy to get some feedback. I just need a 5*5m capture area and the ability to capture fast movment I was hesitating between: - Vicon Vero 2.2 - OptiTrack Prime 17 Both looks to have good res / good price / fast FPS Thanks for your lights ! Cheers E