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  1. That was a very nice and inspiring presentation ! Well done, thank you Saber !
  2. Haven't had a chance to try, but wouldn't some timeshift nodes do the trick ? You could freeze the result fo your first erosion to a specific frame before jumping in the next ..
  3. Had some strange shapes, I guess Affinity "booleans" are not well suported ! Here is an updated svg, Genji style ! cut.svg
  4. yeah, should try ! Still fighting with svg export, as the results differ in Inkscape/Affinity designer and Houdini. Not too experienced with svg, but the colors didn't really come through as intended ! Will look further !
  5. I made myself a Katana icon You can grab my svg and put it in your Houdini folder (may be hidden) ..\Houdini 16.0.504.20\houdini\config\Cursors Make sure you backup your old cut.svg, just in case you want those scissors back ! cut.svg
  6. Maybe this setup can help you out. It shows you how it's done in XSI and Houdini :
  7. I'm posting this on behalf of Benuts, a VFX company based in La Hulpe, Belgium. We are looking for an experienced artist to help on water/ocean simulation and shading. We're looking for someone with a lot of experience on that specific topic to help finalise shots for an ad, with opening sea - Moses type effect. More information will be provided after contact. If you are interested, please e-mail Alexandra Meese : alex@benuts.be
  8. I like it
  9. Here is my test, it works, I used the the random tab in my group to add particles and activate them. Still, I'll welcome easier solutions. emit_points_frames.hip
  10. Hey, Let's say I scatter 43 points on a sphere and use it as emitter. So, in my sim I want to emit 43 points, not more , not less, but I don't want them all emitted at the same frame, which would be easy using npoints("../../sphere/scatter1") and an impulse activation. What's the simplest way to get them to be emitted randomly over 100 frames ? I was going for an emission of all of them at frame 1, then "activating" them later with a group based on random ID, but wonder if I' m not missing an easier method. Any tips ?
  11. Hey Marc, I gave it a try using my "unread" activity stream. Kindof works, I get all the unread posts as RSS. Was working a bit better before though, as all unread threads where "combined". Now if I have 5 new replies within a thread, I'lll get 5 RSS topics instead of just one. I'll check if I can change that behaviour either here or on newsblur. Thanks, Bruno
  12. I think the smoke from the meteor trails should stay and float in the air. Right now they tend to disappear a bit quickly as if it was based on particle life, they should dissipate in the air instead of just vanishing. I like the explosions, nice work !
  13. Looks like inoreader is giving errors as well Feed Website: http://forums.odforce.net/ XML Address: http://forums.odforce.net/index.php?/rss/forums/1-odforce/ Subscribers: 9 Posts this week: 0 Date subscribed: Fri Dec 20, 2013 16:25 Last post: 2w Last crawled: 09:06 (A feed could not be found at http://forums.odforce.net/index.php?/rss/forums/1-odforce/. This does not appear to be a valid RSS or Atom feed.) View crawler history (Validate feed)
  14. Amazing work !