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  1. Oh interesting. I switched to Micropolyon PBR and same result. But switching it to Raytracing does not clip the particles: Thanks for the solution Atom!
  2. Keep in mind the image aboves are renders out of mantra except the fourth one, which is in the viewport.
  3. Has anyone been getting this issue where particles are getting clipped as pscale is lowered? Here is a range of images of same frame, from lower pscale to a higher pscale: I don't have an option of increasing pscale, since it just turns to a blob of garbage. Here is the viewport to show that particles do exist: Tried using a "pscale from camera distance" OTL we have at our studio but doesn't seem to work. And even checked the geometry node and Point Scale is set to 1: Tried adjusting the clipping near and far values of the camera, but I do not think that is the issue. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Yea I did two sims: foam and bubbles, and the another for spray... gives the best results. I tweaked the whitewater source "Limit to Depth" parameter to isolate the emission points more closer to the surface. Thanks!
  5. Hmm I did another sim but this time with bubbles..... no more foam popping, but this seems to generate far more particles for bubbles then foam.
  6. New to houdini, and trying out the whitewater solver. I have spray and bubbles turned off, and only foam. I am noticing many are popping. Is there a solution to fix this? I attached a video below. Also, is it common to split out spray, foam, and bubbles as different white water solvers? Thanks! whitewater_foam_popping_h264.mov