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  1. 16.5 drums

    They code in "opcode" or maybe they know all commands or maybe they dont even need eyes for codeing.... pssst they are ninja coders
  2. Houdini 16.5 Sneak Peek

    Nice to see a release in just 9 months! Hope to see the big one H17 next year summer time.
  3. Houdini tutorials

    Maybe ths can help: Spider Rig: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/creating-an-automatic-animation-rig/ Piranhaconda Rig: It's old but it gives you a good overview of the possabilitys in houdini.
  4. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Ohh noo more guessing.... hmm whats needs a new OP's structure and starts with T..... what the heck could it be in the CG / Film / Game branch??? #BrainNeedsMoreBeer EDIT: LOP => L***'s TOP => Track I have the feeling i found the LOP but the TOP's is still not 100%. But when it's also that then i think it is... awesome...
  5. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    TOPs => Texture LOPs => ??? Light / Logic / Layer (guessing) Touchdesigner has TOPs => https://www.derivative.ca/wiki099/index.php?title=Operator
  6. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    I have made long time ago a RFE for enhancing the Composition part and also integrate also NLE so you get all functions in one tool. Time for more RFE's
  7. Siggraph 2017- same old or?

    they where some hours public. i was thinking wow SESI is fast
  8. How to connect HTML5 / JS UI with Houdini

    sea3d looks very interesting i just haven't found the document specification. only what i have found is this: http://community.poonya.com/152 it looks like they use FBX as base and then they convert it to sea3D thats fine for a file conversion but not ideal if you want to make streaming data on the fly. for gITF you have got at least a specification even when it's not final there is one. https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glTF/blob/master/specification/2.0/README.md it looks like there is no c++ lib for export or i haven't seen one. for the FBX->gITF converter would be not the fastest path but for a prototype the way to go.
  9. How to connect HTML5 / JS UI with Houdini

    Custom implementation i guess For the mesh i like realy realy PLY it's easy to read and small. But texture and specialy bones uffff thats a good challenge. Instancing i find not that hard (simple one). When i have got some time i write the idea what i have got in my head.
  10. How to connect HTML5 / JS UI with Houdini

    yes, that's me :-) i sent you the file hope it helps.
  11. How to connect HTML5 / JS UI with Houdini

    whats your main target? if you want to make a gui on top of houdini where you can create nodes and create setups i see the biggest challenge in the 3D viewport part. for the nodes you can get it thru the RPC or PYTHON as you noted. if you want to edit some function in a hip file for that i can sent you a simple setup.
  12. It's not for your case. What i don't know is how well the thrift API works in the unity runtime. I wish you good luck that you will find a solution for your project!
  13. I made some time ago a proof of concept where you can use houdini as backend and at runtime it loads the mesh in the engine. It would also work with houdini engine! What i have done is i made a backend server where the unity runtime can communicate (REST API) and for loading the mesh i used a http server. It works but it was slow and you have some limitations it depends what you want todo? Whats your final target? This is the threejs version but the backend is the same (first version i made with unity):
  14. Importing raw 32 bit floating point image

    when you have got a working tif file with your external converter program you can use it on any place where you need it. does the MPlayer can read the file? under the cop2 Network you can try to use a file node for reading the file. i never used the FBio but it looks like it's just some Shell commands that are used. instead of icp it needs to be your commandline executable that outputs the file everything else looks fine. the other rood would be to use a custom python node that reads the file but that would be not the fastest way.
  15. Importing raw 32 bit floating point image

    When it's just some images you could try python in the compositing network. I think it should be farly simple when there is no meta data it the binary form in the image file. Maybe this can help: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33483846/how-to-convert-32-bit-binary-to-float