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  1. Hi, I have a dynamic container (empty object) in DOPs with 2 geometry streams/objects. I want to access these objects inside my container for example to get the number of points. I tried these but didn't work: npoints("../second") npoints("second") Using this works: npoints("obj0/second") but now I have to figure out the current object name as my HDA could be attached to any dynamic object/container. I tried these but also no luck: npoints("$OBJNAME/second") Any ideas on how to make this work or perhaps I don't need the object name? Thanks in advance geowrangle.hip
  2. Especially since using Geometry in Data Bindings tab works, then why not also write obj0/ there too. There is only one "second" in the current object anyway so no room for ambiguity.
  3. Thanks a lot man, you helped a lot. There is no way I was gonna find that. Sigh It's stuff like this that makes certain stuff in Houdini really hard to figure out.
  4. Hi, I have 2 sop geometry dop inside my dopnet and I read 2 geometry in these containers. Then using a Geometry Wrangle I am trying to access the second input and store it in the first one. Replacing Data Binding with "first" works, but then in the Inputs tab, when I set the first or the second input to my second data stream which is "second", it doesn't work. For example here it reports the point count as 0. Any ideas? Thanks in advance geowrangle.hip
  5. Thanks Marty, it seems to work. I found it in the help: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/dop/clothmassproperties It also shows in your link: "The mass density can be made lower or higher in parts of the object using the primitive attribute surfacemassdensity"
  6. Hi, I tried to override my surfacemassdensity primitive attribute as the help says but doing so doesn't change the result of the simulation. Any idea what I am doing wrong? It's a very basic cloth sim. Maybe it's a bug? Thanks surfacemassdensity.hip
  7. Hi, Basically I have an animated character and I need to dissolve him into pieces of cloth by activating using noise or ramp. I am not very experienced in FEM cloth, so I am wondering: 1. If I should pre-cut the geometry and stick it to the character with an attribute FEM recognizes OR 2. Pre-cut the geometry, fuse it and then based on activation, make the border points unique so they detach and be influenced by wind? The cloth has to behave kinda like silk, flowy and stretchy. I would appreciate any insight, simple hip files or starting points. Thanks
  8. Thanks guys. Alejandro's method works. I don't think vusta's method would work in this case because as far as I know merge iterations don't allow you to access the result of previous iterations. Correct me if I am wrong please.
  9. Hi, I have a grid and for X number of times I want to scatter some points on this grid and then use these new points to point cloud look up the old accumulated/merged scattered points from the previous iterations. In the end I should only end up with the scattered points. So 10 iterations of scattering 1000 points should give me 10000 points and nothing else. I couldn't manage to set this up. Any ideas? Thanks
  10. Hi, I noticed some studios are really lax about people taking scene files from work, copying them onto portable storage while others are so strict even internet access is behind virtual machines. Of course the studios that allow employees to get scenes are not making this an official policy but they just seem to trust their employees, in case of leaks, etc. I have been at some places where you could copy entire repository and no one would even notice, where if these were to be leaked online, the company could easily be destroyed. History shows that never happened at those places. I have to say those generally people who do these things are really only interested about improving themselves, not stealing content to ruin a company. A bit of a tangent: On one side we have this discussion, on the other hand there is studios like Double Negative that I admire greatly because they develop something in house like VDB Point Grids and they chose to share it with the world. On the other hand, there studios out there that think even a useless trivial script like Set Timeline Range in Houdini can not be shared, because it's a trade secret so has to be closely guarded to maintain competitiveness against other studios. What do you think about it? What's your studio's policy on this?
  11. Hi, I watched the distributed FLIP masterclass but I am still not able to build a generic N by M distributed FLIP, with the ability to turn off slicing. Can I also set this up where the distributed FLIP can be tested locally also? I know it won't be efficient in that case, but it would help when debugging a low res version and see if the padding around each container is working etc. Thanks
  12. Hi, Custom effects will be custom but there are so many types of effects that can't be covered with pre-built setups all the time. But there are still a lot of well defined generic effects that could be done using a well designed setup very quickly and efficiently. For example things like splatter, large item drip setup (for ships etc), snow, rain, ripples, FLIP ocean with built-in slicing, etc. I mean a lot of things already exist in Houdini as building blocks but I am talking about very efficient and user friendly setup where you can just plug in a couple of objects and everything is done for you on the farm. Sometime I wish one could build a library of effects in this manner, constantly updating the techniques when necessary, or even different variations, like SOP Kelvin Wakes vs dynamic Kelvin Wakes, etc. Do you guys do this? What do you guys think?
  13. This guy had a Houdini course before on CG Society but when people started calling him out in the middle of the program, he got kicked out and another person started teaching where he left off.
  14. Thanks Edward, is there a way to know if a node is evaluated per channel or not for CHOPs? Using point expression with $C like you said worked. I just didn't know what $PT would be that's why I was confused. Also happy new years
  15. Thanks Edward, I used the $C inside a point expression. Because I have a lag point attribute and I want to load this value into Lag parameter for each point. Geometry CHOP will bring the attribute into CHOPs but not alter the parameter on a CHOP node unless I am missing something. Basically I want to vary CHOP node parameters for each point separately.