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  1. Thanks Edward, is there a way to know if a node is evaluated per channel or not for CHOPs? Using point expression with $C like you said worked. I just didn't know what $PT would be that's why I was confused. Also happy new years
  2. Thanks Edward, I used the $C inside a point expression. Because I have a lag point attribute and I want to load this value into Lag parameter for each point. Geometry CHOP will bring the attribute into CHOPs but not alter the parameter on a CHOP node unless I am missing something. Basically I want to vary CHOP node parameters for each point separately.
  3. Hi, I open the sample scene provided with FLIP elasticity otl but it doesn't work as shown in the sample video. The sim seems to explode. This is how it looks at frame 6: This is how it should look like after meshing: Thanks and happy new years flipelasticity_124.otl viscoelastic_112.hip viscoelastic_teapot_171.mp4
  4. Hi, I want to vary a parameter using a SOP attribute. For example I have a Lag CHOP and I want to vary the Lag parameter using the SOP attribute for each point. How can I access the SOP attribute inside a CHOP parameter? Thanks
  5. Thanks for replying but it doesn't help a lot Also when I said complex fx, I mean even things like character getting ripped apart with the clothes, etc.
  6. Hi, Personally I find there is a huge discrepancy between solving problems and creating complex effects for shots. What I mean is when I am asked to achieve a certain effect for a shot, I find myself lost, like I don't know what to do to best achieve the result. Even with reference, the constantly changing requirements from leads and supervisors and the inconsistencies between them doesn't help either. If you ask me how to solve a particular problem, whether it's technical, mathematical, houdini specific, 3d specific, etc, I can show you 10 ways with different efficiency, speed, complexity, for example. So when I am asked to help with these kinds of problems, it's second nature to me. But the larger nature of a shot effect often eludes me, leaving me scrambling for ideas. Because I don't have decades of experience like others, I don't know what would hold well for a particular effect for example. I have all these tools in Houdini but I don't really know what to use. How can I get better at this? Are there any strategies, practices I can implement to help myself figure out solutions or is it "you either have it or you don't" kind of thing? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Thx guys. I need to modify particle velocities though as it's a different renderer we have to use and it doesn't have the option to remove camera motion blur only. It's all or nothing.
  8. Hi, Basically I have some particles moving around within the camera which is also animated. I know by setting camera shutter to 0, camera motion blur is discarded. Regardless of this, how can I remove the camera motion blur from the particles so that when I render them with motion blur (and camera motion blur), they will look like they discard camera motion blur? I want to do this for curiosity. I assume I have to modify v. Any ideas?
  9. Thanks David I will experiment with those. It needs to be simulated because the surface needs to be stretched like elastic without wrinkles/folds if possible.
  10. Hi, Basically imagine a grid on the ground plane where a finger like object is pushing from the bottom of the grid. I want the grid to stretch forming a pyramid like shape. I tried using FLIP with high viscosity but then the fluid wraps over the object very closely, instead of getting stretched. Is cloth solver a better choice, or wire solver? Any ideas? Thanks
  11. Hi, I want to use a snippet vop to change some binded attributes, but it doesn't allow me. The error message is very ambiguous. So I am binding some HDA parameters to certain names: myattribute -> result then inside the snippet vop, I do: @result = 1; It throws that error. Is this normal? I set Bindings to Export to * so not sure what else I can do. Thanks
  12. Thanks Doum. I want to use this for not just cached geo but also animated/keyframed geo in the network. So alembic, bgeo, and inplace animated/keyframed all require different approaches.
  13. Hi, If you have animated point cloud, what's the best way to copy/instance animated geometry on these where the animation for each copy starts as soon as the point appears? Should I use TimeShift? For alembic files, I have to use abcframe? I thought maybe there is an easier way for this. Because if I just instance them as is, the animation is already finished for all copies if I am at a frame that's greater than the last animated frame of the copied geometry. Thanks
  14. Thanks, I checked it but I don't see mypoints group created in SOPs or in DOPs and I inspected the Geometry in the DOP and still don't see any mypoints group. If you dive inside sopsolver in the middle of the simulation, you will see that dop_geometry node still has 0 points. I disabled the sopsolver and the result looks the same. Can anyone verify this please?
  15. Is this setup using all the nodes inside? I see mypoints used for the SOP Solver, etc but there is no mypoints. Are these nodes not used? It would be nice if the scene was cleaned up from unused nodes.