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  1. Particles along surface

    Less lazy attempt: pop_minpos_align_pig.hipnc
  2. Particles along surface

    Heh, I was taking at dig at my lazy self, not your question. You're right, pushing along @N should work, curious that it doesn't. It was more to do with how the sprite display sits right on the surface, so they'd clip, this was a cheap fix. If this were a Proper Solution, I'd instance real geo that was properly offset away from the origin along z, so they roll along the surface, or use a peaked version of the geo for the sim, and non-peaked for the merge at the end.
  3. Particles along surface

  4. Particles along surface

    minpos is my new favourite lazy way. pop_minpos.hipnc
  5. VEX 101 and new point SOP

    Definitely vex over python when starting; python is handy for pipeline stuff, interfacing to other apps, best to delay that until you need it. Usual plug for my wiki notes here: http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/?title=HoudiniVex
  6. VEX 101 and new point SOP

    $BBY equivalent as per your post: vector bb = relpointbbox(0,@P); @Cd = set(bb.y,0,0); You can't delete attributes in a wrangle, you'd use an attribute delete sop. It's all more verbose than before, but scales much better, and is more internally consistent.
  7. I don't think so, not as a display setting. You can branch off some nodes for viewing and do a random delete, while another node is marked as the one for rendering. delete_percentage_for_display.hip
  8. What I do while waiting for renders at work on a saturday... retro_cyan.hip
  9. Had a bit more of a play, upped the pixel samples to 10 10, changed the pixel filter to a wider smoother one (blackman at width of 4), and used camera-based uv's to get distance to camera, and scale the width accordingly. Looking pretty clean to me. Also tweaked the bad 80s CRT stuff in cops cos, why not eh? retro_clean.hip
  10. Lazy way would just be to render double size and scale down. Should be very fast with shaders and geo like this.
  11. Wireframe is pretty vanilla, just an ends sop wireframe, made pink, merged over a solid black version of the geo as a cheap holdout matte. All the fun/silly is in cops. retro.hip
  12. Swimming UV Projection

    A few things you could try, all are basically 'just do whatever you need to do to get the bricks looking correct for the uv project.' -A wrangle to set pscale back to 1 after the timeshift -in your main animation have your bricks in a good uv pose in a pre roll frame, timeshift to that instead. -pre animation get your bricks in a good texture pose, rest sop to store that in a rest attrib, then in your texture branch have a wrangle that does @P = @rest; In the end all you're doing is copying attributes between geo, doesn't matter how you get there.
  13. Need help with loops and Foreach

    Very cool! The patterns you get are way more interesting than the once I was getting.
  14. Are either of these what you're after? I swapped the middle constraint to a cone twist, with the max out rotation at 180 so it can spin around the long axis. If I move the position constraint to the center its all stable, if I move it to the side it gets a bits wild, so I add some drag to calm the system down. QA_HardConstraint_Rotation_Breaks_me.hipnc
  15. I don't have h13 installed, can you upload a gif of what its meant to do? The setup is behaving as expected as far as I can see; the first constraint locks only position, so the system pivots around that point when hit, the second constraint locks only rotation, so the second box is free to fall; there's no position constraint to hold it in place.