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  1. timeblend Orient Quaternion

    Does't "Smooth interpolate Normals, Quaternions..."option on TimeBlendSOP work for you? It should interpolate orient attribute. If for some reason it doesn't, you can use VEX's slerp function to tinker up own timeblend.
  2. Particle Exporter for Octane CSV

    Houdini doesn't store particles (or points) transform matrix explicitly, so you don't need any special functionality for it. You can make it by your self from: position (P attribute) optional scale (pscale attribute) optional rotation (orient attribute) Perhaps the easiest way is to use Make Instance Transform VOP inside AttributeVOP. It will create nice 4x4 matrix for you given the above (and possibly other) attributes are provided... Export it to a point attribute called, say, 'xform' and use Python to save subset of this matrix to a file (google says Octane stores 12 out of 16 floats of 4x4 matrix). Super easy (there are more elegant but verbose ways too): xforms = hou.node("/obj/my_particles/OUT").geometry().pointAttribValues('xform') xform is now a tuple of 16 x #particles floats, which can be saved to a file suitable for Octane. hth, skk.
  3. HQ server getting job ID

    I don't think jobid is saved anywhere in a scene / node itself. I guess you need to query hqueue server for a jobs recently submitted with API: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/hqueue16.5/help/api.html Alternatively you could add some logic to $HFS/python2.7lib/hqrop.py (or $HFS/houdini/soho/pythonx.x/HQRender.py maybe?) o retrieve jobid just sent.
  4. Great speech from Mark also. Totally cool.
  5. It's actually quite demonstrative attitude towards them...
  6. Render to pointcloud?

    Check out pcwrite function help for working example of such shader: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/pcwrite.html hth, skk.
  7. Houdini and hython/hbatch/engine is simple: hou.isUIAvailable() // spots the difference For python in Mantra filtering, check if you can import mantra module, and handle exception properly is_this_mantra_filter = False try: import mantra is_this_mantra_filter = True except: pass For python running inside HDA instanced by Mantra afaik it is less obvious. I can deduce it from a details like content of sys.argv. From what I see in Mantra case it's empty: import sys if not sys.argv[0]: # this seems to be Engine running inside Mantra pass highly unreliable. hth, skk.
  8. Create HDA using python

    hou.Node.createDigitalAsset() + 10 other hou.Node's methods dealing with hda.
  9. Yes. Use RAT texture. Mantra doesn't use tilling nor mipmapping in EXR format (even if file itself is tiled and mipmapped).
  10. Ubuntu will work minus graphic card drivers (better to switch to default video driver at old machine). Windows probably won't (at least it never was with Win7).
  11. Afaik HDK doesn't expose any headers for Mantra's camera, but you might take a look into lens shaders, like ASAD lens shader (v_asadlens shop) to control camera projection.
  12. kwargs in python shell ?

    print hou.node("/obj/myHDA").hdaModule().kwargs
  13. Is OpenCL 2.0 Faster than HFS OpenCL?

    You can always confront your imagination with reality measuring Houdini's performance in both cases. I wouldn't be surprised if lso OCL 1.2 code could run faster on OCL 2.0 driver. Aside of language's changes, new versions usually evolves compilation for better vectorization (I also imagine that dynamic parallelism might be used for work stealing).
  14. Maybe they have been bought?
  15. On a single computer, right? I don't see why not. You can always open multiply session of Houdini on a single computer without consuming license. Moreover, if you start hbatch on a computer used already by Houdini, it will not consume another license too. Shorty speaking Houdini will always consume a single license on a single node what ever number of processes are running on it given previously accounted license is sufficient to run new process (HoudiniFX + Houdini Core + hbatch running at the same time will consume single license, while hbatch + Houdini Core + Houdini FX, will except three distinct licenses...).