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  1. the only save way would be unfold the geo in one 2d plane (pretty much uv unwrap) for boeth geo and match uppoint wih point clouds radius. to make it in vex it could a little tricky..... i 've never did it in houdini...
  2. point clouds would better then ray sop.... *edit: actually ray-sop and then point cloud look up works best.
  3. there many ways to transfer flip particles to another constainer. you simulation waterfall there is no need to sim the falling water and lake, where the waterfall hits it in the container. sim first the waterfall and the sim the lake. in his current example i split the sim in 5 different containers to maximize resolution.
  4. just for the records: painting with polygon method. the rendering is slow and its hard to a get good reading on detailed Models. it works better for lowpoly stuff.
  5. its just a thread not a gallery just checked mantra, vray, octane or arnold does not support motionblur with displacement maps.... it apperars to be a lightwave only feature...
  6. check out the last hip file in Painting with polygons thread.... it uses a nice shader setup....
  7. it works the some way. To drive your displacemen,t you can not use "$F" (fullframes) for driving your displacement offset. you need to use regular keyframes, $FF or $T*24. In mantra you need to set the geo-samples up to 10 or something. it works with pointvop or displacement textures. i will post example scene later on....
  8. i am trying to get same pencil lines into the rendering:
  9. this time i trying to create fake occlusion with pointclouds to create same NPR with extra displacement:
  10. i am starting to experiment some Non Photorealistic Rendering. First i am starting off with non animation Versions. simple point replicate rendered disc's: Houdini viewport: constant shader in mantra: working out some edge strokes and rendered with toon shader: scene Files: point_repli_v001.hiplc point_repli_v002.hiplc
  11. houdini have a lot potential, mantra is extreme hack-able for this kind of stuff... its also area which i wanna get into it. also check out http://photodonut.com/ --> pretty cool and node based