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  1. trying out the golden ratio. this onces are rendered with cycles.
  2. playing with more triangle:
  3. i had replace the images in previs post, i change my webserver. new stuff, playing triangles:
  4. i explain the basic here: http://www.gridmarkets.com/heribert-raab
  5. oh you using the volumes to light env. ! this is always expensive to render..... a common solution is, to mesh out the heat or temperature field as simple poly object give it a orange/yellow texture and use it to light the envr. looks pretty nice and render a hell lot faster. btw. the only "rea"l solution is this here: http://www.cemyuksel.com/research/lgh/lgh-high.pdf
  6. for mantra you should try increase the minimum samples... ray samples settings like 3/5 may give you less noise... also diffuse quality have a big role in reducing noise with volumes.
  7. without any code example its impossible to say....
  8. the only save way would be unfold the geo in one 2d plane (pretty much uv unwrap) for boeth geo and match uppoint wih point clouds radius. to make it in vex it could a little tricky..... i 've never did it in houdini...
  9. point clouds would better then ray sop.... *edit: actually ray-sop and then point cloud look up works best.
  10. there many ways to transfer flip particles to another constainer. you simulation waterfall there is no need to sim the falling water and lake, where the waterfall hits it in the container. sim first the waterfall and the sim the lake. in his current example i split the sim in 5 different containers to maximize resolution.