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  1. Alembic import/export

    never had issues with it. you should check if all data garbage data is removed. all un-needed point /primitive und specially details attributes.
  2. OpenCL and multiple GPU's

    openCL nodes in houdini does not support multi GPU, it just runs on the first GPU in the system. it has only a fallback option to CPU. basicly, openCL is runs on everything at some some time cpu and gpu but current houdini does not support it yet,
  3. Point rendering/Billions of particles

    changing thie values at rendertime is modern way. pathtracing is much faster with dealing huge amount of data. the bottleneck is the opengl display, this slows it down a lot. USD might be fast enough, it will come soon ! you can already usd plugins already on github. also, VDB4 can store particles too, thats may be future improvement in data files handling. but i think doing fast GPU pathracing and change values in realtime is current state of art. that's what i am doing.
  4. Best NPR ever

    thats badass NPR
  5. AMD GPU pro drivers stability

    yes but the question is if openCL kernels can access all memory...
  6. AMD GPU pro drivers stability

    AMD cards should perform better with sims. all nvidia cards are limited to 2GB, they just support opencl1.2.
  7. meshing fractals

    this i am starting new Project: meshing fractals into real Geo. Last year, i've to created "fancy 2.5D" splines fractals. this year i bringing it to "3rd Dimensions". this are basic primitive rendering which i plan to use in huge scene. goal : manage Billions of polygon's / Data in a efficient way. the final scene will 1000 times complexer Geo. this are simple Geo / renderings:
  8. meshing fractals

    trying out the golden ratio. this onces are rendered with cycles.
  9. meshing fractals

  10. meshing fractals

    playing with more triangle:
  11. meshing fractals

  12. meshing fractals

    i had replace the images in previs post, i change my webserver. new stuff, playing triangles:
  13. meshing fractals

    i explain the basic here: http://www.gridmarkets.com/heribert-raab
  14. rendering fire, test renders

    oh you using the volumes to light env. ! this is always expensive to render..... a common solution is, to mesh out the heat or temperature field as simple poly object give it a orange/yellow texture and use it to light the envr. looks pretty nice and render a hell lot faster. btw. the only "rea"l solution is this here: http://www.cemyuksel.com/research/lgh/lgh-high.pdf
  15. rendering fire, test renders

    for mantra you should try increase the minimum samples... ray samples settings like 3/5 may give you less noise... also diffuse quality have a big role in reducing noise with volumes.
  16. OpenCL error

    without any code example its impossible to say....
  17. face meshing

    playing with some idea's setup's from the many new tutorials, which popping up last days.
  18. meshing fractals

  19. meshing fractals

  20. wrapping geo like Wrap3

    the only save way would be unfold the geo in one 2d plane (pretty much uv unwrap) for boeth geo and match uppoint wih point clouds radius. to make it in vex it could a little tricky..... i 've never did it in houdini...
  21. wrapping geo like Wrap3

    point clouds would better then ray sop.... *edit: actually ray-sop and then point cloud look up works best.
  22. face meshing

  23. Fluid Sim, Higher Resolution?

    there many ways to transfer flip particles to another constainer. you simulation waterfall there is no need to sim the falling water and lake, where the waterfall hits it in the container. sim first the waterfall and the sim the lake. in his current example i split the sim in 5 different containers to maximize resolution.
  24. NPR rendering with Houdini

    i am starting to experiment some Non Photorealistic Rendering. First i am starting off with non animation Versions. simple point replicate rendered disc's: Houdini viewport: constant shader in mantra: working out some edge strokes and rendered with toon shader: scene Files: point_repli_v001.hiplc point_repli_v002.hiplc
  25. NPR rendering with Houdini

    just for the records: painting with polygon method. the rendering is slow and its hard to a get good reading on detailed Models. it works better for lowpoly stuff.