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  1. Hi whats the best way to group and constrain pieces of prefractured and already animated geo I am usin attr interpolate for scater but cant get fixed group based on name/piece to stay put please check the attached file fractureTest.hipnc
  2. http://gl.ict.usc.edu/Research/DigitalEmily2/ in mantra with default skin shader, lots of tweaking between two different HDRI's all SSS and displacement goes through the roof as you change lighting
  3. how would we setup fem flip interaction flip pushing around fem body? Fluid force? Does feedback needs to be enabled on flip solver? Looks very buggy this in h15.5 .565? If I increase fluid force it is pushing flip upwards? Anyone have experience with this I want to get something like this going on http://physbam.stanford.edu/~fedkiw/animations/starfish_150.mp4 starfish_v001.hipnc
  4. yes saw this on linked in amazing
  5. yes it is soo funny they call it custom tools, and keep going on about how they have node editor with every new release I have to install bonus tools after 10yrs , gives me goosebumps
  6. Looks like maya is trying to become Houdini https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAC3iwXzETM
  7. you can also use shadow matte shader on stairs so you get objects shadows on the "invisible stairs" then render objects separate with stairs as phantom>under render tab on geometry node then you should have all to do the comp
  8. great thread , learned a lot from it thanks
  9. no problem good luck with the project
  10. I deleted blend expression an manually tweaked it it works well did a blend between mountain sphere poly and cube check the file and slide/animate time step param for vdb magic check this file from openvdb.org http://www.openvdb.org/download/houdini_examples.hip.zip lionhead_01.stl.hipnc
  11. vdb morph sop ? it is very powerful