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  1. problem with Motion Blur and Alembic

    Hi Did this solve your problem? Just coming up against the same thing and also with dynamicly fractured geo. I guess this is to do with the varing vertex count, but still looking for a fix Cheers Ed
  2. Houdini user meetup @ Siggraph 2014

    Thanks for the typo spot. YES YES Yes most definatly tonight tuesday 12th aug @7.30. Have fixed original post
  3. Hi guys and gals, With the news that Sidefx aren't having a party this year Siggraph, I've taken it upon myself to organise a little get together for Houdini users coming to Vancouver Tables are booked on the patio at "The Back 40" ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Back-Forty/299606570073325 ) from 7:30pm Tuesday 12th night. It looks like the weather should hold I'd like to stress, this is a user meetup and not sponsored by Sidefx, (no beer tab, no swag, sorry) so a show of hands would be nice so I can try and get more tables as we slowley take over the pub, its currently booked for 30. Please email me at dryrainstudios+siggraph2014@gmail.com Thanks and see you at Siggraph Ed
  4. Unofficial challenges

    Does anyone have a link to an old 52 or 42 node challenge. It had a bunch of procedual centapeids running about and climbing over each other. I think a challence like this would be good to start up again Cheers Ed
  5. fbx memory issue

    Thanks for that. I think it was the lack of "conserve memory" that was bloating it out at the end We are going to be looking in to alembic when we have some down time in coming weeks no points were deleted or harmed during this post
  6. fbx memory issue

    Howdo fellow .hipsters I was just wondering what houdini did when it exported an animated fbx file. I have successfully exported 2 animated trees and leaves between houdini and maya which took 1hr 15 mins for 200 frames moving 161552 polys per tree. Houdini then took another 45 minutes to return to normal and clear the fbx window. During this time it was still using a large amount of the computers ram. The trees are almost identical. The geo is deforming. Each tree is 2 sops: branches (146552 poly) and leaves (15000poly) I'm running windows 7 pro (64bit) on an intel Xeon 2.4ghz dual proc with 24gig of ram installed. Is it ok to just kill houdini after it has written the fbx file? or is it doing some thing else other than trying to clear the cache? thanks Ed