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  1. Really Appreciate!!!
  2. Thank you very much !!! I really appreciate
  3. welcome back Miguel^^
  4. Can you describe How to align the sprial curve from center curve? align_sprial curve.hipnc
  5. I adopted this technique. but I wondered that how to archive this result? please tell me something to solution.
  6. I used to make tornado motion with pointcloud. I was helped so much from odforce. This time I hope to be helpful to have the opportunity. Hope you likt it. Ian Farnsworth,Igor Igor Zanic~ tornado_v01.hip tornado_v01.mov
  7. Thanks ^^. very good solution~
  8. Thanks for your otls~^^ I was waiting for you RFmesh exproter otl version
  9. Thanks ^^ I want to know thesis!
  10. awesome job!!! ^^ I want to more detail progress~*
  11. Awesome! please i wanna openexr format ouput for compositing. when i am using houdini 8.2, i don`t get one output file with combine pass . only seprate pass.. ㅜㅜ pleae give me tip. have a nice day~!
  12. let`s go rendering!!! ok! image but this message is "Unable to load texture 'op:/obj/a/b/cop/out'" please tell me why? cop2shop.hip
  13. good job!!!
  14. [quote name='MIguel P