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  1. thank you Atom now it works why does in this cloth simulation the merged box works with the grid falling down but the spheres wont? why.hipnc
  2. Hi i have a grid cloth and i would like a group of points >prims (those straight in the middle) to be much more stiffer and less propense to bend than all the rest. it doesnt work im doing something wrong anyone can please take a look to my file? bendstiffness_attribute.hipnc
  3. once im happy with my low rez flip fluid, i personally crank up to 0.080 particle separation and I play forward with explicit cache on. then I load the .sim sequence and I rop output network. then you can point to this rop cache in fluidtank as Igor explains to calculate the white water. export white water as points.
  4. Mikkel, you can do what Igor CeeGee explains as he is a Master of Fluids but if you find yourself totally new with this, my description could be usefull regarding what i was explaining you before. -Once you are happy with your liquid simulation at low rez, let say particle separation of 2.0, you can now set this to 0.1 and you are in Frame 1. -At the botton right of the screen, set the timeline player as foward once only, not loop. -At the AutodopNetwork, turn on Explicit Cache, create a folder where your houdini file is located, files for each frame will be named: -- -cache_${OS}_$SF.sim Play your simulation and come back after around 4 hours, you will see your simulation at the last Frame. Go to Frame 1, and at the AutodopNetwork, turn off Explicit Cache, and load your cache_${OS}_$SF.sim sequence at Display. So now your sim is explicit cached and loaded in houdini, this will let you ROP OUtPut cache your liquid mesh as .bgeo faster. and you can also start working with White Water and everything will be faster, not real time but at least houdini wont have to re calculate your liquid to calculate the white water. And then, do the same for White water regarding explicit cache, and rop out put network.
  5. CG elements are too clean in comparison to the background footage.
  6. To me the dust looks heavy and fast downwards.
  7. The difference between a female deer and a male deer could be merging one more box.
  8. Love the RedBull ad and the mountain collapse.
  9. As for Flip fluids I usually ROP Output network .bgeo files same as you did, to get the mesh of the liquid. If you are looking to simulate white water in a more confortable way, you can explicit cash at the AutoDop Network this liquid simulation, i usually do this before caching out the mesh. Then you can load this .sim files which are extremely heavy, turn off auto re-simulate, load this sim files and you can even choose a starting frame. Then you will be able to sim the white water faster.
  10. try rendering with micropolygon renderer
  11. It worked, thank you Pardeep
  12. Heu guys, I'm wondering how to merge a box to a certain number of piece chunk generated by a rigid body simulation. any suggestions? thanks!!
  13. Very nice reel indeed.