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  1. Rendering slow

    If i render with OpenGL im getting 114 frames rendered in .pic during 60 seconds, but my GPU usage is only 48% im expecting to get 1000 frames in 60 seconds..
  2. Rendering slow

    I have a geometry that has a clay material with a texture and it is animated during 45 thousand frames. My computer is 2 x XEON 2,4GHz E560 and i have 8 GTX1080ti and 16 x 8GB Ram Mantra is not using GPU for rendering of course but the % usage in CPU is low while rendering why? what can i do to accelerate rendering? How can i use GPU rendering ? thanks Martin
  3. Hi all Im using Houdini to train neural networks for A.I I need to automate a simulation of a geometry. is it possible to command houdini using phyton to prepare the scene, execute cooking a simulation / adjusting values / and rendering? thank you
  4. Hi I have 8 GTX 1080ti and i can simulate pyro in fast way with openCL activated however if i render out in mantra linux, it only use low percentage of my 6 dual core i7 processors. why? is it possibile to increase this cpu % or use Gpu for rendering?
  5. toNDC is not predicting well the pixel in the output
  6. For houdini the lower right corner of a render output seems to be 1280 x 0 instead of 1280 x 720
  7. Konstantin the coordenates doesnt seem to match in the render output, screen pixel x is almost similar to what it should be, screen pixel y seems to be inverted
  8. I'm doing sinthetic data to train neural networks with cg rendering
  9. thank you very much konstantin and steve, i will proceed with these stufff you mention.
  10. Hi im in houdini with a geometry that has a texture. i render with a camera that has transform information such as translate, rotate, also the pixel aspect, focal lenght and aperture etc i render in 1920 x 1080 if i know the geometry points position in the 3d scene, how can i calculate in which coordenates in 2D 1920x1080 those points gonna finish at?
  11. save/export uv coordenates

    sweet thanks!
  12. save/export uv coordenates

    Hey I have this geometry.. picture attached so what do u mean by RMB Texture UV to Image?
  13. hi all i have a grid that bends in cloth simulation the grid has a texture on it i would like to export/save the UV coordenates of that texture on the bended geometry. any way to do it?