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  1. Hi, I don't know how to make it mathematically. Here you can find different Opus Pattern: https://www.mandarinstone.com/advice-and-support/stone-layouts/ As you can see most pattern are based on a 7x7 grid layout. There are mostly 4 different tile types with a aspect ratio relationship. (A=3x2 units, B=2x2 units, C=2x1 units, D=1x1 units). So you can use the points of 7x7 grid and assign scaling attributes to the points according to the type of opus pattern and copy a 1x1 tile to the points with the scaling attributes. Hope that helps... OpusPatternTool.hiplc
  2. With Paint CaptureLayer and Edit CaptureWeigth you can adjust your envelopes. Are your coming from Softimage?
  3. You can use a null to group all of your chain roots. I'm not a rigger - so I don't know if it is the best solution.
  4. Hi Artur, maybe the new Entagma tutorial about minimal surface can help you accomplishing this! http://www.entagma.com/easy-minimal-surfaces/
  5. Hi Sercan, you need 3 things to render volumes with redshift. 1. Volume should be Houdini Volume, VDB or VDB-File 2. Add ObjParm to geo and enable volume parameter (choose the right type) 3. a redshift light - because only redshift light can contribute to volume That is!
  6. I have made some progress ... but I don't know, why not all boxes align? Align2Surface_v2.hiplc
  7. Hi all, I want to align pre-oriented objects to a surface. I'm only able to pre-orient with a orient attribute or to align with the help of N attribute. But how can I combine both? Thanks for your help. Greets Nico Align2Surface.hiplc
  8. Hi Atom, I would try extrude instead of polyextrude (see attached pic).
  9. Create a polygon Sphere (the one with triangles). Facet the sphere with unique points to get separate triangles, then use the measure tool to calculate the perimeter of each triangle and then divide this value by 4 to use it as distance attribute in polyextrude node... The only problem is that your sphere get a facet look ... tetrahedronsSphere.hiplc
  10. I would add something to the wish list: Automatic conversion of used pictures in the scene to .rat format (as a background process or before you make a test rendering). And if the picture have some information of their used color space .... automatic gamma compensation if I work in linear space! Great if some parts of mantra could be accelerated by GPU! More character tools: a kind of AutoMuscleRig for Biped and Quadruped or even Multi-Ped. Something like Facerobot in Softimage.