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  1. Thank you Diego! Well it pretty much died for budget reasons,sadly...
  2. Thank you 3dome. I will clean my file, and share it in the days coming.
  3. Ok, i managed to get the trigonometry formula. Now i have two method. one is Hscript which works perfectly(u can check the measure sop) and the other one is VEX. For some reason the Vex(into a point wrangle)works but is speed up.I am pretty sure it is the same script. Does the wrangle node manage "@frame" differently than "$FF" in hscript? piston trigonometry.hip
  4. I am trying to animate an engine using chops and constraints. I manage to get something quiet close but it isn't accurate(cheat) My main issue is that i cannot find how to use a "look at" in conjunction with some restriction to force the tip of the arm to slide along the Y axis. I tried many other solution as well as trigonometry(which i am not very good at) which i gave up on. i also tried with bones but again my knowledge is close to none in houdini and i wasn't able to restrict bones I wish to achieve the real thing with your help Thank you piston.hip
  5. Thank you for all the tips guys I was hitting a wall in making an object into vdb and making it with as smooth as possible. The Dilate/smooth/erode is really working well
  6. This is exactly what i was looking for Thanks a lot David . I am re-uploading your file with the vopsop method implemented for people like me who are not scripting. sdf_to_point_color_dc_with_vopsop.hipnc
  7. I was looking into sdf and i found this file from Chris. I slightly modified it to get points colored by a ramp using sdf Does anyone know a better way to do that, in a normalized kind of way? I would like not to have to use the fit range to adjust the color ramp. Later i want to use this method to create custom velocity field on a pyro sim to contain the smoke within the velocity field. Thank you Fred sdf to point color.hip
  8. Thank you, I am running v15.5.480 It seems the new builds have serious failure so i will wait a bit.
  9. The work around i found is to use the attribute to drive the alpha of a layer mix between a principled shader and a surface model inside a material builder.
  10. Hi, It seems i cannot get the emission to work anymore when using a mantra shader or a material shader builder. The object doesn't light up nor illuminate other object. It works fine with principled shader tho. The project i am working on needs object to evolve thru attributes from emitive to refractive If anyone has a tip or a work around it would be apreciated Thank
  11. Thank you guys I think the flicker is due to the cusp angle on the glass.All stars behind are light geo Also i had to render fast on a single computer, so i couldn't push the settings. I wish i had time to animate the clouds inside. The cloth is on the floor
  12. Modeled in Moi3d <<i love this software cloud and cloth made with houdini rendered with mantra PBR Ramadan filler dubai tv
  13. there is something really nice in houdini. stay over the color swatch and hold middle click (wheel down) and while you hold down you can pick any color on your screen.
  14. Thanks marty, You are right, but it wouldn't work in that shot because the ribbon are attach to her torso(which is an up-scaled static shot) so a rotation would make the attach point slide on her body. I forgot to mention that i did a cloth simulation. It is just not right to fake a camera rotation on objects attach to a body which itself doesn't have a camera rotation . We went back to what i told them to do(the same as suggested by Christian) which was the only solution, to make the shot usable. I think that guy pulled this stupid thing on me because he didn't want to redo a proper background animation. He wanted me to adapt to his fallacious shot instead. Thanks a lot for your support and help guys.
  15. Thank you ChristianW. That pretty much confirm what i thought and what i did. The thing is that the guy is said to have experience in the compositing field (over 10 years), which let me confused about his requests.