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  1. Hi there, I'm trying to control flip particle count per voxel. The idea is to evaluate particle count per voxel on every step (Gas Particle Count) and then analyze the pcount field.. If pcount > n - delete some of particles (pcount - n) to make n numbers. And if pcount < n - add (n-pcount) particles. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks,
  2. Transform glue dynamically. Glue to deforming objects

    Thanks guys
  3. Hi all, Is there any way to glue active objects to non active deforming object? I tried to update glue position every frame so that it could stick to passive object, but looks like it doesn't work. Attaching hip to be clear Cheers, A glueToDeform.hipnc
  4. Realistic Dynamic Fracturing with Bullet

    Exellent job so far. I still can't figure out some stuff. The idea with pin constraint, checking it with some criteria and determine stress area, is just awesome. But pin constraint wihout glue (as in your video) causes some instability to the pieces and pieces kind of dance, even when they don't collide. And for what you create glue constraints dynamically? Thnx in advance for reply.
  5. rigid body die on collision?

    After simulation, you can close your cup some way (some remodelling and maybe with polycap) so that you will have closed proxy of your cup an make sdf from that cap. Then you can check in vop sop or point wrangle your initial state if they are in that sdf or not and delete unneeded instances.
  6. Bullet - How to limit Velocities or exclude elements

    You would get clear answer if you posted your hip.
  7. Cloth Flag Procedural Point constraints

    Hi man! All you have to do is put "tick"s to the beginning and end of your expression "pointlist()". The reason is constraint point parameter eats string lists, but pointlist() returns lists of ints. flagCorrected.hip
  8. Houdini 13 Sneak Peek #3

    +1000 for that
  9. Houdini 13 Sneak Peek #3

    i expected that tiled voxels like vdb will be in dops in smoke solvers and flip solvers, i guess that there's no that feature as far as SESI haven't mentioned it in sneek peaks. It's a bit pity
  10. DOP Pyro Age Field?

    Create scalar field like age. match it with density (gas match field). Then advect it (gas advect field). Then in the post solve create gas field vop. It works similar to the vop sop. Just import your age field with parameter add iteger number and export it (again parameter). Back in sops, you can import this field and do anything you gonna do. Cheers
  11. Wood fracture techniques

    thnx guys all for comments, i really appreciate it
  12. How to get Large scale foamy waves?

    Hey , check out the scene. Hope it'll help. The setup is not tweaked much, but hope the approach will be clear. foam_mist.hip
  13. emit smoke color from a texture

    If you advect Cd for certain amount of frames, the color will be very rough, so the good way is to add gas blur and blur the cd with small radius. I've just added this gas blur to your sim. You can compare. emitSmokeFromTexture02.hipnc
  14. gas explosion

    another interesting thing is if it's possible advect some noise field with high res after the sim so that to have an ability to mix it with heat. It's very hard to get noisy heat areas in massive sims.
  15. Wood fracture techniques

    Hey guys, i watched some videos about rayfire. In fact it has great fracture tool. I like wood fracture. I believe in houdini it's possible to build same fx. I'm not talking about the fracture itself, but adding some detail to inside points. Here my setup, it works not bad, but have some problems. The setup is pretty simple. I did it in sop level but same thing could be done in shops. Would be great if someone could offer more relieble method. woodFracture.hip