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  1. metaball forces

    How can I avoid the typicall spherically shape in a i.e. particles explosion? some good workarrounds for it?
  2. Smoke Solver | Tips and Tricks

    Awesome. Thank you.
  3. Hi, I've got serious problems to figure out the wright UV's for my carved object. Also tried it with Polys instead, but the same and I prefer Nurbs. So.. Where is my mistake? Thanks in advance and good times. VDB_crack.hip
  4. strange material node behaviour

    strange, now it works. Thank you. Dont know what was happened....
  5. have a look at the file. just a simple geo with two groups. 2 Materials via the material node it isnt possible to assign 2 different Material to the two groups. Do I miss something? Houdini 16.0.736 mat.hip
  6. strange material node behaviour

    so where is my green material for my outside group?
  7. what is the file: C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 16.0.633\bin\OpenCL\bin\x64\cl.cfg used for? Its just CL_CONFIG_GL_DIRECTX_INTEROP = False inside. What would happen if I set it to "True"? Maybe it s a solution for my problem on a dualgraphic Laptop, one Intel one Nviia, that just the Intel is used for OpenCL....
  8. Hmm, thank you. The reason why I try to translate this old file isnt in and of itself the grow theme, as much as the converting per se. Of course I already know these fantastic tutorials from Entagma.
  9. please could you help me in converting this damn file, where I want to convert the "create attribute" nodes into pointwrangler. the attribcreate_growRate makes Problems. Further in the DOP node, Sopsolver, the vopsop_check_collision. You'll find the original file here: http://ihoudini.blogspot.de/2009/05/growing-objects.html the modified here: This was my original starting point. Would be really great if someone could help me. Slowly the different areas from Houdini become an unit for me. In the case of VEX and wranglers I still having problems... PC_grow.hipnc
  10. in some circumstances I dont see my constraints anymore... especially if I work in the sopsolver. They are still functionally but thats it.... Any Idea? ahh: 16.0.633 is my version and the graphicdrivers are ok.
  11. ok: a curve with i.e. 10 points. I want to achieve that the normals of the curve are pointing to the next point on the curve. I want to realize it with a point wrangle node AND VOP's I think thats an old problem but I didnt know how to search for it:-) Thanks in advance
  12. deactivating viewport points

    Sorry for that: I' dont find a way to deactivate the points in the viewport.... shortest_path_grow.hip closed.
  13. hmm... a wrangle with the iteration from @currentframe -1 metadata and ask for the pos...? can you up a file for it?
  14. hm.. why you dont use a sopsolver inside the loop to write the wanted data in an attribute for further use? But maybe the for loop is a closed system where the solvers prevoius frame wont work. In case you want the posdata from the previous frame. Dont know. Dont sit on the PC.
  15. Did you tried it via the detail from the metadata? Thus if the metadata node is active in the forloop go to the dateilview in you geo spreadsheet. You will fin there different attributes. Maybe you could use onr of them... Sorry, cant give you an exact way for it. Interested in it as well but maybe its a good starting point.
  16. Houdini tracking

    did you solve your problem?
  17. Btw. there are a lot of tutorials out there. i.e. Sidefx Houdini Masterclass 13 Bullet.
  18. And dont forget: my example above is not state of the art in fixing the constraints via an holder. But the inner mechanism of the whole constraints world is, for me, more understandable. And as I wrote above too, its more paractical to use the approach from sepu...
  19. as I wrote: you are missing the sop solver in your constraint network... within the sopsolver you could manage a lot of stuff how your constraints behave. I.e. an explosion: you coul define an inner area where the velocity is much higher at the beginning of your explosion. Chunks will be faster. And an outer area where the chunks have a smaller velocity. All course all adjustable. Define two ore more sets of constraints for the same object. Or defining for the maximum way of travel for the pieces... and and and...
  20. and another possibility. Dark and dirty RND. Deactivate the pyrosim at the beginning. Examine each node carefully and try to find out the dependencies among themselves. Very important is a sopsolver in your constraint network wich handles the active/broken inactive constraints. There are a lot of ways how to deal with it. I think the attached file is a pretty old and basic one. Nevertheless its interesting to examine and see an other approach. But of course its better to fix the wall with active/inactive chunks as in Sepus file... Try to implement the active/inactive stuff into this file. RBD_shot_the_wall.hip wall.hip
  21. save each class seperately

    Ok, closed for me. Ikoon helped me out from this poor dilemma...
  22. a bit complicated to explain, but I'm sure its an easy stuff for you. I want to save classes from an fracture setup seperately for further, later use. I use a delete SOP with @class=`$F` as group identifier and delete the unselected. So I can save out in a file sop each class seperately. BUT: in my solution it misses "class0". How I could mange this in the delete sop.... @class=`$F`-1 (btw wont work cause about the syntax. What would be the right syntax for it?) AND how I could solve this whole dilemma in a single attribwrangle? Thanks in advance OF_clustering_v3.hip add: also tried with a wranglenode before the delete:
  23. save each class seperately

    my worm from my head yesterday is gone... @noobini: Yep thanks. That was I'm looking for; but yesterday... no chance. @ikoon: well, Its not very elegant. Want to solve it via hscript and/or vex. Thanks to both. The once help I'm missing now is the pointwrangle approach. Would be great if someone could support me here as well.