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  1. The main problem about the price is that Flux 1.0 != Flux 2.0. Flux 2.0 based on my another toolkit Modeler with its modeling tools. Unlike 1.0 Flux 2.0 is not soft boolean node only. Current flux toolkit working name is "Modeler. Core" And new flux still have tools that are not shown in my videos
  2. ...
  3. https://vimeo.com/227234574
  4. Cumulative modeling SOP, like Edit SOP, but for all the main modeling operations: transform, split, loop, bevel, extrude, etc.
  5. Thanks, Cyzor
  6. SOP nodes thumbnails
  7. Sure. I'll create separate topic
  8. 1. Faster Boolean SOP 2. Multi second input for Boolean SOP 3. OpenCL some part of calculations in Boolean SOP 4. Auto welded pieces when using groups in Boolean SOP 5. Sure, it would be amazing if Boolean SOP will have smooth beveled corners :| 6. Symmetrical modeling 7. Move Brush like in TopoBuild SOP. But without snapping to ref mesh 8. improved OpenCL integration for SOPs 9. Interactive bezier\spline curve creation 10. Fat lines in handles 11. Quick pivot manipulation 12. Revamped scale manipulator:
  9. hou.hscript('oppane -t parmeditor path_to_your_node')
  10. You just need to add some thickness to cutter geometry and set 'Treat As' = 'Surface' parameter for source geometry in boolean SOP Boolean_test_v001.hip
  11. Flux HDA (former Fusion HDA) is now available on Gumroad
  12. Pivot parameter for PolyExtrude SOP global transformation
  13. Thank you, guys!