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  1. For creating digital assets there are 2 formats. HDA which is the current format for digital assets since H14, and OTL which was the default before HDA.
  2. From what I understand, node instancing is being developed and may be available in an upcoming release. However exporting your subnet as a digital asset should work for a lot cases where you may want to instance node trees.
  3. You can post topics that might be interesting to those on the forums in the lounge/general chat. So you are more than welcome to share some announcements that aren't Houdini specific. The rest of the forum is Houdini specific however.
  4. By default Houdini's viewport resolution for volumes is fairly low. If you go into your Display Options under the texture tab, There is a variable for 3D textures, try increasing the "Limit Resolution" to 256 or 512. It should give you a much more accurate representation of your volumes. I would however be careful about turning it off or setting it too high since it can eat up a lot of ram and really slow the system down.
  5. Thanks Fuat, that does help with visualizing sop level geometry.
  6. I submitted an RFE to sidefx about this. For those that are interested the RFE is (82225).
  7. For a while I have been having a hard time visualizing the geometry from other sop nodes when I am inside of a dopnet inside a node. The "Show all options" for viewing geometry only works if the dopnet is at the sop level. This also seems to be a similar issue if you want to visualize lighting on volumes.
  8. I really like the motion you have there, very believable. The main area that could use some improvement would be the shading, the colour does seem to be just a gradient falloff. Keep up the good work, would love to see more of this.
  9. Recently FXPHD has also switched to the whole site access platform.
  10. Hi Eco, I have purchased several of their courses over the years, I do like them, they do have some really good information in them. I personally did learn a lot from their Houdini Debris system, Frictional viscosities, and Network relationships. I would also say that a lot of the courses I have purchased from them haven't really been of much help. However comparing the many course I have taken at both CMIVFX and at FXPHD, I personally found that I gained a more solid understanding of using Houdini in production from FXPHD. Their courses, and CGworkshops, are much better for getting a foundation working in effects, where as CMIVFX works better to give you some good tips and tricks. Personally I would say that CGworkshops destruction in houdini, and pyrofx in film, are some of the best courses I have come across for Houdini beginners. The FXPHD Houdini courses are also really worth the money. As opposed to their tips and tricks series I would watch Peter quint's videos on vimeo; https://vimeo.com/user2030228
  11. I was curious if anyone knows how to set the Houdini splash screen to a custom image?
  12. There seems to be a problem accessing your sample file. Could you try and re-upload it? Thanks a lot Johnny.
  13. I have a large particle cache and I am trying to delete any particle that passes through an object. I am currently trying to use a solver and I can't seem to get it to work. Sadly I can't upload a file. Any help would be awesome.
  14. Very stunning work! I look forward to seeing more.