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  1. Hi, try to checking "Accumulate Hits" in popcollisiondetect and in the popgroup put "ingroup = i@hitnum>0;"
  2. Hi, "Attach to Body" work for pull a cloth object. http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2406&Itemid=132
  3. Thanks for the reply guys!
  4. my dirty solution is to create a black box as a background, but is so strange it does not work automatically. Pz in Houdini:
  5. Thanks for the reply! yes, alpha in that area is zero. If I put the un-preumult before the defoucus and premult after, the background becomes (black color) like an alpha channel where the effect is not applied.
  6. Hi folks, I'm rendering depth pass (Open EXR) from Houdini 13 to Nuke 8 the extra image planes Pz. My problem is that Nuke interprets the depth of field incorrectly: gives the red color to the background, while it should be blue. Do you have the same problem ? (in ZDefocus, I set Math parameter to depth)
  7. Hi Mike, Great! I spend some days to figure out the problem. Thank you
  8. Thanks for the sample file Siberian. Is possible create a random color, instead of a texture, for each object ?
  9. Great!!!!!
  10. Hey Milan! Great work, also realizes a version for Mac?
  11. Wow this is great release. Thank you SideFX!
  12. 1. in Xcode > preferences > Download > Components , check "Command Line Tools" and download. 2. in /Library/Frameworks/Houdini.framework/Versions/12.5.427/Resources/toolkit/samples , changed all the permissions of the directories and sub-directories ("samples") to read-write. 3. in /Applications/HoudiniOTLs/hot-master/3rdparty , make a folder "osx" 4. use "Houdini Shell.terminal" with /Applications/HoudiniOTLs/hot-master/compile.sh" and then you can go make waves!
  13. try this: $T < 1 1 corresponds to 25 frame
  14. Yes !!!!! share the hip file