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  1. Yes I means i7-7700k..I am confused bcz I am getting mix review of i7-7700k..I all ready have AMD Fx 8350 machine with me..without Colling kit..its is not giving performance... It heats a lot..and shut down frequently..online I am getting info regarding AMD ryzan Is giving less heating and better multithreding output then Intel..which is surprising for me..
  2. Hello everyone, I am looking for a good processor for my new PC..I can afford Intel Xeon processor...so I have to stick with i7 or Amd Ryzen 7.. Intel i7-6800k Intel i7-7700k Rayzen 1700x I searched on net and find that Intel i7-7700k is not good in performance compare to i7-6800k and new Rayzen 1700x I already have AMD FX 8350 machine..with limited config.. AMD FX 8350 GTX 560TI CORSAIR VENGEANCE 16GB M5A97 R2.0 Antec gx505 Corsair TX750 watt This config is not giving any performance...AMD known for heating issue..random shutdown bcz of this..So I don't know trust to Rayzen or not..My new config which I am trying to build now is Processor & Motherboard : Need suggestions Ram : 32gb corsair vengeance PRO Graphic card : gtx 1070 Power supply : corsair TX750 Cooling : Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2 Cabinet : antec gx505 SSD : Samsung evo pro 250gb
  3. Thanks for your reply Alexander, Can you explain nearpoints expression also. I want to search in particular distance.
  4. Hi guys, I need to ask one quick question. How to use nearpoint expression in vex . Thanks in advance
  5. Hi, I am Divyansh Bharadwaj and I am attempting a test of flip fluide (filling water in animated bottle)..First i get problem of sinking water through collision object..then it is solved it with increase in min&max substeps... But still particles continuously die looks like disappearing...I tried to increase particles size also..but it also did not helps..i am attaching hip file with this post... bottle_filling_01.hipnc bottle_fill_01.avi