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  1. I make first steps in integration Houdini with my existing pipeline for Maya so there is not too much particular information for Houdini users, but there a lot of ideas and tools for Maya, which could be used with Houdini as well. I would mention: - Unified folder structure for all project materials (2D, 3D, editing, grading, pre-production, managing etc) including scenes, caches and renders - Naming, versioning; assets and shots structuring rules - Tracking versions and data (assets, renders, caches etc) with Ftrack I plan to develop same as for Maya tools, which will allow automatically creating and naming Houdini scenes, exporting and importing data etc. Hope you can find something useful in pipeline wiki.
  2. Thanks, Atom! I had such an idea, but still I keen to know how they do it in tutorials and what I am doing wrong
  3. In build 717 situation the same! Is there any other way to run this window? Need to add: it does not work in VEX expression window of wrangle nodes. In other parameters its fine.
  4. I am on Mac OS and also have 15.5.673 build. Will try to install the latest build. But... its very wired that hotkeys could not work depending on build.
  5. I can't find a Multi Line Editor in Houdini Apprentice 15.5, not in UI, not with hotkeys Alt+E, Cmd+E, even not in help. This window often mentions in tutorials, for example here.
  6. Hello! Can't run Houdini with pyton on mac os x. subprocess.Popen( '/Applications/Houdini 15.5.673/Houdini Apprentice.app/Contents/MacOS/happrentice' ) Houdini begin to launch but an error appears and its fail to run. ( libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type HOM_Error ) Anybody knows how to solve this problem?