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  1. Learning challenge Vex

    I did not find a more elegant way of three-axis rotations with matrix but with quaternions it is: float angle_X = radians(chf('angle_X')); float angle_Y = radians(chf('angle_Y')); float angle_Z = radians(chf('angle_Z')); vector rotations = set(angle_X,angle_Y,angle_Z); @P = qrotate(quaternion(rotations), @P);
  2. Learning challenge Vex

    Is it a correct way to do a three-axis rotation with the matrix? // DEFINE VARIABLES // Rotation matrix matrix3 matrx = ident(); // Angle control with UI float angle_X = radians( chf('angle_X') ); float angle_Y = radians( chf('angle_Y') ); float angle_Z = radians( chf('angle_Z') ); // Define rotation axis vector axis_X = {1, 0, 0}; vector axis_Y = {0, 1, 0}; vector axis_Z = {0, 0, 1}; // BUILD FUNCTIONALITY // Rotate matrix by axis rotate ( matrx, angle_X, axis_X); rotate ( matrx, angle_Y, axis_Y); rotate ( matrx, angle_Z, axis_Z); // Apply rotation: multiply position by matrix @P *= matrx;
  3. Learning challenge Vex

    I am in the same boat with you, just start learning VEX and Houdini, I even did not complete the entagma parallel transport!. If I learn something new out of this thread I will post it here (like I did with the circle)
  4. Learning challenge Vex

    One thing that may be useful when learning VEX is to do the same exercise in VOP also. I think this will give deeper and solid understanding of basics by looking at the same procedures from the different angles.
  5. VEX on Copy To Points

    Thanks, F1! What XFORM_XYZ means?
  6. VEX on Copy To Points

    The @orient attribute is working wired. When you move a slider copy starts rotation but than slider gradually stops working. What am I missing? float rotate_X = chf('rotate_X'); float rotate_Y = chf('rotate_Y'); float rotate_Z = chf('rotate_Z'); p@orient = set(rotate_X, rotate_Y, rotate_Z, 1); VEX_CopiesOrient_01.hipnc
  7. Apple Decomposition

    That's looks great, good job, David! Despite, there is always a space to improve. Personally, I fill that there is something wrong with the apple cob, the decay is going like the apple is uniform inside but it has a sort of skeleton, which should not jam with the same speed as a body.
  8. Learning challenge Vex

    You did not finish the circle yet And you can go further and make a helix and a spiral.
  9. Simple noise expression on float value

    paste in float channel noise(0, @Time, 0) http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/expressions/noise.html
  10. Learning challenge Vex

    By "this" you mean UP and Normal vectors?
  11. Learning challenge Vex

    How about... a circle? You can do a spiral if it's too easy!
  12. VEX on Copy To Points

    You are right, Noobini, we don't need this line, my mistake! But then we need to divide by two those magic F1 numbers. In this case, we don't need those lines as well(setting points attributes for instance orientation): setpointattrib(geoself(), "pscale", pt, pow(radius,0.5)); setpointattrib(geoself(), "N", pt, normalize(-pos)); setpointattrib(geoself(), "up", pt, set(0,1,0));
  13. VEX on Copy To Points

    Why 42 and 26?
  14. VEX on Copy To Points

    How would you modify the boxes with VEX to fill gaps between them? The first thing that is coming to a mind is to use a "taper" and "transform" nodes for the box before copy node, but I keen to get procedural approach which will not fall apart after changing parameters in "phyllotaxis" wrangle. VEX_HouVEX_phyllotaxis_02.hipnc