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  1. VEX on Copy To Points

    You are right, Noobini, we don't need this line, my mistake! But then we need to divide by two those magic F1 numbers. In this case, we don't need those lines as well(setting points attributes for instance orientation): setpointattrib(geoself(), "pscale", pt, pow(radius,0.5)); setpointattrib(geoself(), "N", pt, normalize(-pos)); setpointattrib(geoself(), "up", pt, set(0,1,0));
  2. VEX on Copy To Points

    Why is the cube also rotating? VEX_rotateCopys_01.hipnc
  3. VEX on Copy To Points

    Why 42 and 26?
  4. VEX on Copy To Points

    How would you modify the boxes with VEX to fill gaps between them? The first thing that is coming to a mind is to use a "taper" and "transform" nodes for the box before copy node, but I keen to get procedural approach which will not fall apart after changing parameters in "phyllotaxis" wrangle. VEX_HouVEX_phyllotaxis_02.hipnc
  5. VEX on Copy To Points

    How to control the pivot of the scale? If I wish to scale from the bottom of the cube, instead of the center? VEX_rotateCopys_02.hipnc
  6. VEX on Copy To Points

    So. Wrangles affect only the Grid. Orientation(rotation) of boxes defined by @N, @up, and @orient attributes. Right? Such setup makes more sense for me. VEX_rotateCopys_01.hipnc
  7. VEX on Copy To Points

    > Therefore no rotation, if the attribute values didn't describe any rotation. But... the boxes are rotated around local Z axis! As I understand, the "sine" Wrangle do not affect (deform) boxes, it affects only grig and boxes orients along grid surface. In case of "rotate" Wrangle boxes are rotates Adding v@N; to the wrangle stops rotation.
  8. VEX on Copy To Points

    @Sepu I am trying to understand VEX and Houdini inspired by this thread. I cant understand at all how this bees and bombs are done even with the hip files, so I wish to clear basics. Why then "sine" Wrangle does not affect boxes ad modifies only the grid? @f1480187 When I add v@N; v@up; p@orient; in Wrangle, cubes no longer rotates. So I understand that Copy to Points tries to guess the best orientation... how and why it "decides" to replicate code from Wrangle to the cube before "Copy to Points" node? It may be a wrong assumption, but if I copy Wrangle and place it before "Copy to Points" node, the result is the same.
  9. Maya PyMel standalone

    You have to run mayapy.exe (on windows) and enter your code in that environment. And I guess you can set up your external editor (like PyCharm) to use mayapy.
  10. I have a cloth simulation set up. After some changes in the scene (I scale my object down and change surface collider object) clothattachconstraint starts to jump up in the 3rd frame and I can't figure out why and how to fix it. aeromen_sim_00.hipnc
  11. Cloth attach constraint jump

    Scale after sim is the obvious solution... Change ALL parameters inside DOP sounds crazy Should be a limited list of parameters to change.
  12. Cloth attach constraint jump

    Collision radius was the issue, thank you Noobini! > Why not put in there constr instead ? It was just leftovers from scene changes, sure I will use group in the constraint. I have another question related to this scene. I set up cloth simulation only and then I notice the wrong scale of my objects, so I scale them down, but cloth behavior changes dramatically. Is there a way to get the previous behavior with a new scales? (You can see in previous behavior attached mov file) aeromenDance_05.mov
  13. Thanks, Hernan! I tried another group name (CONSTR_GROUP instead of constr), now its working.
  14. I have the same issue and I can`t solve this. I have a geometry SOP, where I create a group node with points I wish to constrain. Neither expression nor group name in Constrained Points of Cloth Attach Constraint node in DOP Network works. Expression: `pointlist("../MY_GEO", "CONSTR_GROUP")` clothConstrain.hipnc
  15. Fabric Engine no longer being developed

  16. houdini alembic to maya problem

    If it's not the same when rendering, then it could be just viewport issue. Try to conform normals and assign default Lambert shader again.
  17. Ideas for pipeline checklist

    I make first steps in integration Houdini with my existing pipeline for Maya so there is not too much particular information for Houdini users, but there a lot of ideas and tools for Maya, which could be used with Houdini as well. I would mention: - Unified folder structure for all project materials (2D, 3D, editing, grading, pre-production, managing etc) including scenes, caches and renders - Naming, versioning; assets and shots structuring rules - Tracking versions and data (assets, renders, caches etc) with Ftrack I plan to develop same as for Maya tools, which will allow automatically creating and naming Houdini scenes, exporting and importing data etc. Hope you can find something useful in pipeline wiki.
  18. I can't find a Multi Line Editor in Houdini Apprentice 15.5, not in UI, not with hotkeys Alt+E, Cmd+E, even not in help. This window often mentions in tutorials, for example here.
  19. Multi Line Editor

    Thanks, Atom! I had such an idea, but still I keen to know how they do it in tutorials and what I am doing wrong
  20. Multi Line Editor

    In build 717 situation the same! Is there any other way to run this window? Need to add: it does not work in VEX expression window of wrangle nodes. In other parameters its fine.
  21. Multi Line Editor

    I am on Mac OS and also have 15.5.673 build. Will try to install the latest build. But... its very wired that hotkeys could not work depending on build.
  22. Run Houdini with popen()

    Hello! Can't run Houdini with pyton on mac os x. subprocess.Popen( '/Applications/Houdini 15.5.673/Houdini Apprentice.app/Contents/MacOS/happrentice' ) Houdini begin to launch but an error appears and its fail to run. ( libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type HOM_Error ) Anybody knows how to solve this problem?