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  1. I *think* this linked thread has everything you need.
  2. @DaJuice- can you check which nodes cause the errors. i.e. long shot but it may be something to do with OpenCL as the EPYC processor did have a few issues with OCL. Not sure how related the EPYC is to TR though. https://community.amd.com/thread/218879
  3. I would say not much, I've a Duel Xeon @ 3.33 running Ubuntu and Ryzen 1700 @ 3.0 GHz, Ram speeds are 1GHz and 2GHz respectively and they work about the same speed. Although it's 12 cores of Xeon vs 8 of Ryzen....
  4. redshift devs looked at it and say that it helps for the last 5% maybe. It's just not very good at the moment. adding that Neat Denoiser works at approx 4 fps for 2K images IIRC, 1080ti 12 cores@3.33, so a render at pixel samples of 5x5 would equal 25 times slower to denoise, which is 6.25 secs per frame.
  5. I would as a fall back but I'm brand agnostic and go with the engineering side of things and weighing the price side too i.e. is it an r&D machine or a production machine etc. Liquid cooling sounds like fun and good experience too, so I always go with the fun option, with all things being equal.
  6. @judnas I'm not aware of any significant advantages/disadvantages of watercooling - i.e. a Canadian super computer uses low pressure rear doors for fully passive cooling whilst other ones use liquid cooling.
  7. sounds like bad advice then as the evga 1080ti is quieter under load than the reference one by 2 dBA, that's almost twice as loud! At idle it's 0dBA vs 27dBA. It's also cheaper. https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/EVGA/GTX_1080_Ti_SC2/30.html
  8. evga 1080ti works well and is quite, running at around 1.5Ghz IIRC. I too had a blower style AMD card once and was rubbishly noisy and eventually roasted itself on openCL calcs. The evga cards are super quiet. If heat is an issue just open the case as it radiates into the comp instead of out the back. no big deal.
  9. I call bogus on this- it's a GPu denoiser. There are no denoisers that take minutes per frame:
  10. Does anyone have the knowledge of what fractures a melted Flip sim? Essentially how to disconnect a section of the flip sim by melting it. So far all the particles want to travel along and get pulled with the melted bits.
  11. low-brow version would be BlendSOP or top-shelf is Target Strength in the ClothObjectDOP
  12. UV have a mature pipeline - every app supports it whilst PTex not so much.
  13. fcuk the iMac as the OpenGL & OpenCL CPU drivers are as crappo as ever. the word on the street is the iMac Pro with 18-cores will be mega mega bucks anyways. $10K-15K+
  14. it's nothing special or unique but normal maths and programming. I'm sure the others are just smoking too much and not testing as it works. See attached. NormalsRandom.hipnc
  15. No standard test scenes but I would bet that it's approx 1/2 speed of a 1080Ti for OpenCL, read very good!, so I would be testing it as a substitute GPU for Houdini with heaps more ram and way more flexible. It should be twice as fast as the Ryzen 1700 overall.