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  1. interesting - the Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 is terrible on MacOS.
  2. Using a Wacom will avoid the issue.
  3. The main thing you can learn from these types of things is the art of self promotion
  4. You're not meant to retain knowledge, that's why things are written down. You're just meant to learn the framework of things.
  5. next up is The One Weird Trick that will make your vfx supervisor hate you
  6. this is just rebadged tonal remapping - nothing like the hype train to rediscover things!
  7. The only thing people in the industry care about is if you blow it up well or not.
  8. That Surface Tension control is a 'parameter' - totally different to an 'attribute' in Houdini.
  9. right - so how do you define that control to have more surface tension in low viscosity vs high viscosity areas?
  10. @PazuzuBoom! master DOP magician
  11. I don't think honey is a perfect no-slip condition.
  12. Hmmm - not sure why you think there is an attribute for surface tension, because.. ta da.. there isn't!
  13. Yes, version 16.0.504.20 is very old and full of bugs.
  14. Your first one works fine but it appears you are running an ancient Houdini version.
  15. fair enough - the software & updates in Ubuntu work seamlessly for me.