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  1. Can you upload your file - if you 'freeze' the file node that geo will come with the .hip, if that's important
  2. all fine on Linux, no problem with the Materials too.
  3. tab key - "bind" then in the Name field - type "height" - then you'll need to expose the parameter on the RS_ColorCorrect- click the 3 little lines icon - then connect the output of bind to the Hue Shift parameter.
  4. Why do you use the @ symbol? You always need to import an attribute with a parameterVop.
  5. For some reason I despise editing animation with value plots, like the Animation Editor, and much prefer using 1st and 2nd derivative graphs, like velocity and acceleration. Those can easily be viewed in chops, via the slopeChop, but is there a way to directly edit the handles of those created graphs? Looking for something like AfterFx's Speed Graph editor: Thanks!
  6. @lukeiamyourfather I'm trying to figure out how the 128 PCI lanes help OpenCL and CUDA. Do you mean you can run more 16x GPU cards? thx!
  7. I don't think there is any OpenCL code in RBD or Bullet IIRC, yet. Houdini requires only OCL 1.2. Nvidia provide very nice OpenCL support as well as Cuda, which is great for Redshift and Octane.
  8. Yeah - but they read like a bunch of positive reviews that the instructor asks for. Critical feedback is much more indicative.
  9. but that's what area lights are just stochastically sampled point lights across an area... you can increase the Light Sampling in Display Options/Effects to help, and it looks ok when there is roughness. Diverging slightly but better shadows and light specular would greatly help GL renders.
  10. Sounds like the same thing as Shutter Shape- add it via the Edit Parameter Interface.
  11. I don't think the price is a barrier, all quality education has a price, but make sure to check out the tutorial page on SideFx for particles too.
  12. Not sure - you can always render it to test. You can do all hair styling by setting the workspace to Grooming, then the Shelf tools will be easier to find.
  13. updated - the twitching, and another error where the cursor jumps when using the value ladder, relates to having a 2k and 4k monitor. No errors on the 2k but all errors happen on the 4k which is positioned to the right of the 2k. Bugs submitted and hopefully fixed at some point. H16.0.557
  14. Nice! Can't crash it now.
  15. Those Xeons are very nice - better than the i7s I could find, for total Ghz frequency, ~0.2 Ghz slower per core, more than double the cache and can access way more ram. 2 processors will work very well for nicely threaded stuff. Also maybe the pcie lanes are better suited when you have lots of GPUs but not sure on that. Check out the compiled blocks nodes to see where Houdini is going. Your rig will probably last between 2-4 years, so that's H16-H20, and SideFx simply keep optimising their tools. You can't lose. The AVX 512 may become optional like the current 'Houdini supports MMX and Streaming SIMD (SSE2) where present'. I assume it will be first supported by the Intel OpenCL compiler, so that part will automatically use it. Avatar Ren, above, knows much more about this though Guide to Automatic Vectorization with Intel AVX-512 Instructions in Knights Landing Processors https://colfaxresearch.com/knl-avx512/ Compiling for the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor and the Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 ISA https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/compiling-for-the-intel-xeon-phi-processor-and-the-intel-avx-512-isa