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  1. It's still not true. You're simple finding data to fit your opinion. Macs are used because they are fine for presentations, just.
  2. that's false - lots of presentations are done on Windows laptops.
  3. Rendering slow

    Your processors are too slow most likely - OpenGL rop is single threaded in some parts so at 2.66Ghz, at turbo, it's too slow. You're not feeding the GPU quickly enough.
  4. Motion graphics/ Houdini, Cinema 4D, Arnold

    cool - how much of it was done in C4D?
  5. Cloth sim shading problems

    Display Options / Geometry / Cusp Angle = 360
  6. The default sprite is the puff - the shelf tool inserts the grain sprite - a bolded parameter means non-default.
  7. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Super cool. That's very hopeful as I'm running Ununtu too with Ryzen 1700 and opencl CPU works very very well there. Just want to see some test results, like in this thread, that shows how much better it is as the only metrics we have is that it's quit a bit slower so far. thanks heaps!
  8. yes - it's super slow as it's single threaded but is very good quality. So you should use ZDefocus when setting up and copy those settings/look to render in PgBokeh. Use ZDefocus if you can as it's GPU accelerated and does everything except deep defocusing.
  9. Probably because NC doesn't work with compiled plugins IIRC. You'd better also get used to Unix style installations as an installers are not really every going to happen for high-end customised software.
  10. unpackSop-> trailSop - compute velocity. (Instagram is forsure #1 pop culture!)
  11. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Cool thanks. Yeah I reread the tests and the suboptimal results were been auto-translated in my brain to not working At a wild guess it's numa at fault here and if the TR was turned back into the 2 1800x chips it is then it would perform much better at opencl CPU. Game-mode would confirm this IMO. Looking foward the new i9 7980x should be pretty cool... once OpenCL is working on it too. opencl gpu does only use one device but if you can distribute the sim into the different domains you can launch 4 hbatch sessions. Speed usually isn't meant to increase but you can run bigger sims by accessing more memory ie each card's vram. @DaJuice @Diorn and anyone else with OpenCL CPU issues, can you please send in the test results and hardware specs to SideFX. Thanks! That is one of the best ways for them to work with upstream vendors to get this stuff all working, quicker. You can log bugs from the Support menu on their home page.
  12. Smoke Swirls inside pyro?

    Eddies/vorticies form because of the conservation of energy, lower pressure air moves so the denser air moves in to fill the vacuum, so just close the domain boundaries and move an object through it. The smoke solver does the rest.
  13. menu pan/scroll with wacom pen?

    Yes - SESI have rejected the pan parameters panel idea for many years - it's a lost cause tbh.
  14. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Hoping the viewport display of volumes can be multithreaded. A 1 billion voxel volume just sits on a single thread trying to redraw.
  15. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    did anyone hear back from SESI if OpenCL CPU will be able to work on the 7900x or TR? I've priced a new build but being limited to the GPU ram for OpenCL is almost a deal breaker.