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  1. Houdini in a browser - Foundry's Elara https://www.fxguide.com/featured/nuke-11-and-elara-at-the-foundry/
  2. super cool! - just those higher frequency ripples whilst the suction at the start is happening, would be good get some dynamics/breakup/smoothed there.
  3. this should be fixed in the latest daily builds.
  4. it's defiantly a bug and until it's fixed you can just offset the two points a touch instead of the whole mesh.
  5. Finally got around to going through these Maths videos - very nice and well recommended!
  6. It would be a great thing if Lowell open sourced the pdf as a tutorial
  7. It would feel super natural to be able to add an arc to the bones when using divisions. MMB drag would be nice.
  8. Constraints Shelf -> Look At
  9. Take a look at jlait's answers from this thread: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/49073/?page=1#post-223001
  10. @Demno thanks! Out of interest would you use Houdini for this work now instead of Frostbite?
  11. they have reproducible bugs already - bug #58084. : 1. Location Particles shelf tool2. dive into location ParticlesSop and add a Solver3. dive into it and add mergeSOP to the PrevFrame & Input_14. scrub the timebar wackly around and dive back to Scene level5. turn off the display flag on the location_particles.6 Particle should be stuck EDIT: The SopSolver is the main culprit and it does look like some work is being done to it: Houdini 16.0.575 Improved the ability for the sceneviewer to properly update when viewing the inside of a subnetwork inside of a SOP Solver.
  12. No bullshit linear algrebra v2 release The NO BULLSHIT GUIDE TO LINEAR ALGEBRA print version is ready. After years of writing, editing, and polishing, the book is finally finished! Here is the blog post with more info and links: https://minireference.com/blog/no-bullshit-linear-algebra-v2-release/ Here is the direct link to LULU (US$31.20, 550pp softcover): http://www.lulu.com/shop/ivan-savov/no-bullshit-guide-to-linear-algebra/paperback/product-23141226.html
  13. 3 things to try. You should also try the latest daily build, contact support and install Linux, until you can get the Windows version working. Would be good to hear from another Windows users what their PATH looks like.
  14. yep, those are the paths to Python and the Houdini toolkit. At this stage I don't have a Windows box to test with but at a guess can you try to the Env variable for Windows: Windows XP Select Start, select Control Panel. double click System, and select the Advanced tab. Click Environment Variables. ... In the Edit System Variable (or New System Variable) window, specify the value of the PATH environment variable. ...
  15. Looks like window uses the following to print the PATH. Please try: echo %path% echo $PATH will return the set PATH variable i.e. Yeah - that first bit is stuffing you up. It needs to be a clean path. Can you paste here the line in the ENV file please where you are setting the PATH