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  1. OpenCL and multiple GPU's

    you can set the env variable to choose which device HOUDINI_OCL_DEVICENUMBER = 0
  2. UHD graphics

    Looking at laptops and some nice smallish ones have UHD graphics. Does Houdini like UHD in Windows or Linux? All I know is that Intel graphics is a total disaster on MacOS for Houdini.
  3. Not sure but stackexchange or google is the goto place for Linux questions. You'll encounter quite a few! Iirc fat* is the only interchange format available
  4. Linux Mint pros cons

    The non qt4 download is the qt5 version. Out of interest are others also confused by this?
  5. You can sync panes/parameters by setting the bull's-eye menu, to the right of the pin, to the same numbers.
  6. The select tool has an option to be able to use '3d connected' or something like that to select contiguous geometry.
  7. Help With Speeding Up Render

    Rendering to Mplay? Windows really shouldn t make a difference so maybe it's some setting for multiple cards. Hit up the redshift forum I reckon or yank / unselect some cards.
  8. Sidefx does indeed ship releases that do have bugs but they do fix submitted bugs quite quickly.
  9. Do FEM solids bounce ?

    Just add substeps
  10. Selected node border color

    @martinkindl83 all I'm getting is the border edge changing colour when modifying that line where as we want the fill colour to change. Can you post up your file. thx! GraphItemCurrent: #CE5E5E GraphItemCurrent: #FFD400
  11. Hair and fur Houdini 16 animated geo

    Just click the display flag of the last node. The concept is that guides need to work first before the hair will deform properly.
  12. Selected node border color

    yeah? which line
  13. 2018 Build Discussion

    Never seen any metrics that show anything for ECC/non-ECC. The results of ram corruption will probably be a slight change in a pixel. Maybe.
  14. 2018 Build Discussion

    Sure but the tone of the OP, if I read it correctly, implies that non-ECC is only for non-serious work. which is simply not true. thx! Then a properly de-lidded 7980XE appears as good as the W chip up to 128GB ram essentially, plus probably a cheaper mobo too.
  15. Hair and fur Houdini 16 animated geo

    make sure you can attach fur to an deformed torus of something first, just follow the onscreen prompts. Attached is an example torus that works Deformed TEst.hiplc