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  1. NVMe sounds incredibly useful! What a nice addition to the Performance Monitor that would be - disk read/write times!
  2. @pusat - very cool tip about the copy node path thingy - learnt something new. thx!
  3. Maybe a nice Rfe would be to be able to load the viewport settings to the OpenGLROP
  4. hey, try the `hgpuinfo -l` command - it's meant to list all available OpenCL devieces.
  5. Nice to hear! Is there any delay with the CPU rebuilding the compressed particles?
  6. Would like an 'expert' mode for the Network View where you don't need to select a node to dive into it, you simply have the mouse over the node when you preemptively 'i'. The select then press 'i' is taking too much time Submitted RFE #84036.
  7. great! The group field must be set in /obj/AutoDopNetwork/sopsolver1/attribwrangle1
  8. Inside the SopSolver it needs to have the blue display flag on the last node to evaluate and you need to put the group into it's group field. To test your setup you should get rid of collisions, they are still super slow to process, reduce your mesh density and use the Geometry Spreadsheet to check that the pintoAnimation is working or not. PintoanimationCloth Tear EDIT.hipnc
  9. sure, that link has essentially what you would call common-sense categorisation but it doesn't actually answer your original question
  10. I'm looking at improving my bug submission to SESI. Some of the bugs submitted are a ninja combination of twister-like keyboard and mouse sequences. Screen recordings help with HUD displays of keys pressed and mouses clicked but a macro playback system would be another step up. Any recommendations?
  11. Has anyone got any tips for speeding up the Smooth Hair shelf tool. Just sent an Rfe in but it's so slow compared to the other Guide Brushes that it feels like a bug and needs a workaround. Thanks!
  12. SSDs are great for random access too, also USB 3.1 is incredible fast and should be fine for connecting externally along with eSATA
  13. not sure what the issue with autocolor nodes is- that's a common form of syntactic highlighting for all programming - which is what Houdini is, a visual programming language. i.e. TextWrangler ships with a ton of presets.
  14. @lukeiamyourfather what is the best guide to ZFS? - I ran the installer but it appears I need to set it up for the drives? Ubuntu 16.10
  15. Nuke has an 'autocolor' preference which is sometimes good, sometimes not.
  16. AD's incumbent reputation intact!
  17. There is always the backup versions available.
  18. Simply download the latest version, you can even test it with the non-commerical version. Everything works as expected. In reality you should move away from the initial release of Houdini asap. It's by definition the most buggy version available.
  19. ah cool - might be worth posting surfacemassdensity as a bug to SideFx
  20. Try point attribute massdensity BTW where did you get surfacemassdenisty from?
  21. If you MMB on the tetrah node you'll see it is sans-polygons, so change 'Output' to 'Polygons and Tetrahedra'. You can also just merge the original mesh to with a tetrah-mesh - the overriding idea is that the FEM solver now collides polygons and tetrah.
  22. "If you’re a desktop enthusiast and would like like to experience a jaw-dropping moment, here’s a quick look at what a 112-thread, dual Xeon Platinum 8180-based system can do in Cinebench -- and we do mean quick... Read more at https://hothardware.com/reviews/intel-xeon-scalable-processor-family-review?page=4#VPI2cOIczq3b4U0d.99"
  23. With 8 1080Ti you NEED Redshift - throw Mantra in the bin.
  24. only if you are using Selection tool. Try the EditSop.
  25. You'll need to implement something like marching cubes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marching_cubes