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  1. AMD GPU pro drivers stability

    So the new Radeon Vega is shipping with pro drivers for a $1k card. This sounds like it will be nice and stable compared to the ever changing Nvidia game drivers. Long shot here but does anyone use AMD pro drivers and are they nice and stable?
  2. Random link of interest

    Out of interest are oscars also awarded to individuals instead of companies?
  3. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    I assume we can disable the patch if we prefer full speed over security, or, just run an unpatched OS, if the bug even affects us.... sidefx?
  4. GLSL Pipeline in Houdini

    What do you want the points to look like?
  5. Zdepth in point VOP

    Haven't heard you can pull back GL info into Houdini. It's a one way street afaik.
  6. Zdepth in point VOP

    that Zbuffer is a low res 12bit(?) z buffer calculated on the GPU. Nothing to do with a VOP.
  7. @Sedatyf it's defiantly a bug but you may be able to open a new 'Scene View' tab instead of restarting Houdini.
  8. OpenCL and multiple GPU's

    The space is fine when put into the 'houdini.env' file but not with a shell environment variable export
  9. Faster RAM, is it worth it?

    Houdini defaults to using all cpus but you can limit it, with the -j flag, to test threading processes or leave processing cores available for other tasks. i.e. Mantra IPR defaults to all but 1 process so you can still use the machine whilst interactively rendering. You can see that under Mantra/Rendering/Render -> Use Max Processors menu
  10. Can you update? That version is epically old and might be fixed in a later version like 16.0.822 or 16.5.325. If there bug remains then send it into SideFx via their website.
  11. You can just Bypass, the yellow flag, on the unpin node.
  12. @LaidlawFX thanks! @bobc4d Python the Hard way has very good recommendations. https://learnpythonthehardway.org
  13. OpenCL and multiple GPU's

    Not sure why as it's worked since H12 at least.
  14. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Make sure to send in an RFE as we have been asking for this since h14. If you're handy with glsl you can make a shader to do it. I made a terrible one back in the day.
  15. 'Intel UHD' graphics

    Cool cheers. Definitely interested in the how 'Intel uhd' works; the graphics chipset that is. EDITED topic name to specify 'Intel uhd'
  16. 'Intel UHD' graphics

    Looking at laptops and some nice smallish ones have UHD graphics. Does Houdini like UHD in Windows or Linux? All I know is that Intel graphics is a total disaster on MacOS for Houdini.
  17. On a side note will python 3+ be much faster or is it just new syntax etc?
  18. Faster RAM, is it worth it?

    Faster ram helps threadripper by 50% sometimes: https://sidefx.com/forum/topic/52583/?page=2#post-238591
  19. OpenCL and multiple GPU's

    you can set the env variable to choose which device HOUDINI_OCL_DEVICENUMBER = 0
  20. Not sure but stackexchange or google is the goto place for Linux questions. You'll encounter quite a few! Iirc fat* is the only interchange format available
  21. Linux Mint pros cons

    The non qt4 download is the qt5 version. Out of interest are others also confused by this?
  22. You can sync panes/parameters by setting the bull's-eye menu, to the right of the pin, to the same numbers.
  23. The select tool has an option to be able to use '3d connected' or something like that to select contiguous geometry.
  24. Help With Speeding Up Render

    Rendering to Mplay? Windows really shouldn t make a difference so maybe it's some setting for multiple cards. Hit up the redshift forum I reckon or yank / unselect some cards.
  25. Sidefx does indeed ship releases that do have bugs but they do fix submitted bugs quite quickly.