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  1. Hi guys,I want to make this effect , The main effect like particles or like mesh, but i do not know how to make it? anybody have idea about this? here it's my hip file : beam of light.hipnc
  2. Hi Daniel thanks for you share ! how can use that ?can you say it?
  3. how can do that? Thank you efftects challenges!
  4. I 'm vey like this effect who can give me about think about this effect?
  5. HI everyone .I'm having some problems about flip mist I m use pop drive FLIP emitter , So I shape of water have been identified, But mist is very ugly .Who can help me change the next mist shape. Thank you test.hip
  6. Thank you for your file to help me solve the problem
  7. thank you
  8. HI guys Can you tell me the difference between s@name and string @name in point wrangle? like this string cluster_s = itoa(@cluster) s@name = concat("piece_",cluster_s) why not replace with S and string ?
  9. can you have Houdini 13.0.419 vision?
  10. how used this script in houdini?
  11. Thank you for you help guys! But it is similar to the effect of waves ,How to achieve it? I think that use mountain.but is not very good.
  12. How can i get the effect in houdini? My friend just did it in C4D. In this Files
  13. Hi I have some questions about fxphd hou203 the tutorial, I try creat ripple slover in fountain. but he used houdini 11 version, I used hou 13 .Many commands are not the same I try dop import in the sop,but is error .i don;t know how do correct ripple in houdini water_3.hip