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  1. Just like the title says. Is there a way to add sub surface scattering to the new hair shaders in Houdini 16.
  2. Hi Odforce FXers, Has anybody dealt with the houdini 16 hair shader (not hair shader core). Is there a way to promote the layer parameter in the shader so I can have the option to mix in a second hair shader. The current shader, when I dive in to the node, has the layer attribute discontinue after it is output from the hairshadercore node into the compute lighting. If I attempt to promote it, the layer comes out as an error. Thanks.
  3. As the title suggests. Im trying to achieve a diverging noise pattern in a cone shaped volume for a project I am working on. As far as I know, this effect is not possible but I have been proven wrong before. Can the example images I added be accomplished? Points or volumes, it doesnt matter, as long as I am able to have the noise diverge in the direction of the cone width. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Would you have a working file I could take a look at. I have attempted to set up a point deform on my vdb mesh however the vdb polys do not line up with the original poly mesh
  5. The object I am emitting from is a polygon surface converted from a vdb as the original geo is garbage. Is there a way to set a rest on an object with a changing point count?
  6. The curl noise needs to be driven through a particle dop network. Your file makes sense for a sop object
  7. Is there a way to freeze the transforms of a curl noise in a DOP popvop? I am running a point sim and my source emitter object is animated and rotated in world space. When the points emit, the curl noise added to the point position slides. I'm really not sure what to do in the popvop to freeze the curl noise. Ive tried using a popforce, however the curl noise does not seem to create the same shapes that the popvop does. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi everybody, I'm currently working on an effect in H14. I am attempting to have particles die when they collide with an SDF/VDB object. I have been using the collision detect node with the collision target set to DOP objects pointing to my static object collision node. However, it doesn't look like it works. The same collision detect does work with a SOP poly object. Is the collision detect node working with SDF's/VDB's? Cheers.
  9. I am not sure how to bake alembic geometry into a scene. Hopfully this can clarify. The object is a 2d animated surface, and I am removing the internal edges and leaving only the perimeter edges. I then create a polywire out of the perimeter edges, and then apply the scatter to the polywire. If you know how I can bake alembic geometry into a scene please let me know and then I can provide a hip file.
  10. Hi, I'm trying to scatter points onto a surface provided from maya and imported as alembic geometry. To get the result I need, I have to convert the outside geo into a curve and then use a polywire to outline the geometry. Afterwards I need to scatter points into the polywire. However using the rest at frame 1 and then attribute interpolating the points onto the surface I still get twitchy points. Is there another way to do this where the points are static and moving with the polywire? Is there something I missed. I am not using a rest node, I am simply freezing the points on frame one. Thanks in advance.
  11. Oh okay, yeah I just searched for it. Ill be using something called Muster.
  12. I hate to sound ignorant, but what is Deadline? I've also looked on odforce however I'm finding a lot of the topics are too vague for me. Would you have any particular posts in mind I could jump off from to help me get started. If I have a base idea of what I'm looking for I'm sure I can progress from there.
  13. I'm looking to set up a small render farm for houdini. I am starting from zero knowledge as to how I would get mantra, sim data and alembics onto a render farm spread through multiple blades. I have used ouput nodes in the past but this is the first time I will be making them from scratch. Even if someone knows how to do it from command line, I would be interested in any information anybody can give me regarding submitting jobs to a render farm. I know this is a super vague question but I can supply information where needed. Thanks.
  14. This is great. Id love to know how you did it. Im currently trying to replicate the effect.
  15. Hi Ive been racking my brain on how to accomplish this effect. http://forums.odforce.net/topic/17941-explosion-on-desert/?hl=explosion I found a video of the element breakdown but I cant seem to get the shapes that are being produced by the particles. https://vk.com/video179777497_168159215?list=a42517886a772cff8a Ive tried a couple solutions with no success. Does anybody know of a method to accomplishing this? Im really in need and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ray