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  1. Check out http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/ There is also a city vs. city comparison option.
  2. No fancy AI or robotics but... http://forums.odforce.net/topic/8196-points-from-a-banana/
  3. Check out http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/ for cost of living compassion world wide
  4. Let me know what you end up with. Cheers
  5. Although I love cinnamon styles, I had to give up on it due to general lag and instability. On my computers XFCE always had the best performance. *edit I'm sorry, now I saw that you mentioned Mint. I also see many people complaining abut the latest Mint versions. I have tried v12 or 13 and removed it less than a week later.
  6. Sure lava has bubbles, but most of those that you see there are from the water vapor form the ice. *edit Look for underwater lava, and you'll see even more bizarre behavior.
  7. Procedurals perhaps?
  8. Alex Roman (fist link) relies heavily in the use of textures for every thing diffuse, specular, bump, dirt. And post effects like bloom flares, fog and dof. https://vimeo.com/8217700 See how color grading, works as image degrading. Think about imperfection. As much as the silestone looks perfectly cut in real life, you have to make it imperfect in the rendering for it to look natural.
  9. Great reel anyways, I wish you guys good luck.
  10. www.postpro18.ru *Just fixing the link for you.
  11. These are some really fast calculations. http://youtu.be/317oRnJM_fA
  12. They have added a new videos with some more features. It's looking really good and now I'm starting to understand what the tool is.
  13. Knitted Clothing Simulation at ultra high detail in Blender. And some other simulations.
  14. Jude has drop shadows on the arrows... but I was actually looking for a methodology.
  15. I'm trying to document a file management/flow system for our pipeline. Can anyone sugest a diagram style, simple enough for artist and other non-tech people to understand? Looking at Astah (old Jude), I was thinking of maybe using a activities UML diagram. But if possible I'd like it to contain naming and versioning system represented. Can you guys share how are you doing this? Without breaking any NDA of course... Thank you!