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  1. Impact Data from Particular Object Id

    yes i found out, it is objid
  2. Impact Data from Particular Object Id

    I just went through the hip and he's simply breaking the glue based on impact, but that is not what iam looking for. I want glue to break when it collides with a particular objid.
  3. Impact Data from Particular Object Id

    Hello guys, How can i use impact data when an object hits a particular object in my case a ground plane to break the constraints, For eg - i have certain glued objects falling on the ground , some of them are breaking in the air while they release due to impact generated while i want they should only break once they collide with the ground plane else their strength should remain -1. So how could i extract object id of ground and use that as an impact data.
  4. Randomize orientation at the first frame for particles

    you can create an orient attrib and apply attribute randomize (orient rand) and feed it to dop , or you can post deform your orient attrib after sim.
  5. How to control rotation in RBD sims?

    you can update w attribute every frame or just on the intial frame of simulation so it will act as an initial force. add w attribute to override attrib in packed geo options
  6. gas disturbance only when emitten the first second

    you need to mask your turbulence field with the age field, search on odforce for creating age field .
  7. Constraint RBD to animation

    did you solve the problem? if yes could you please post the hip of what you did? Thanks
  8. PC Build for Houdini Dynamics

    0Personal suggestion : i7 6800k or 2xe5-2620v4 (if you have the budget) asus x99-a MOBO corsair vengeance ddr4 2400 mhz 64gb gtx 1060 or 1070 (if you have budget) 250gb samsung evo ssd get a decent air cooler like hyperx 212 Go for windows if you dont wanna complicate your life else LINUX is ideal and 6 core would be enough for rnd purpose else get dual xeons. This system you can build under 2500$.
  9. attaching fracturing geometry to an animated base

    you need to add timeshift and stop it at first frame for rest position and then feed that to 3rd input of transform pieces. it will work.
  10. Constraints on animated fractured RBD

    One way is you could use solver and transfer color so it doesnt change...Check the attached file. fractureTest_Fix.hipnc
  11. Flip Sink Gradient

    You could randomize that based on ptnum.
  12. DOPs Initial spin at event.

    You could simply modify "w" attribute after packing the objects and it should inherit angular vel after you turn on inherit velocity from point velocity in rbdpacked objects inside dop.
  13. Constraint to deforming static objects!

    if i activate them in sops then i have to use override with sops and that resets every frame so that is a problem , can you please check my file once, what i want is that individual clusters have been glued together and now i want each cluster to fall separately and break as they have a certain impact.
  14. Constraint to deforming static objects!

    Hey solitude, What if i have to make setup work with glue, i understand that glue is very different from constraints but i have to make glue attached to deforming geo and when it is active it should follow the rbd movement and the rest of inactive ones should follow deforming object.
  15. Create orient from object

    You can re-construct orient using up and N attribute and then feeding them into lookat vop node to create a matrix and then converting to quaternion and finally exporting it as orient attrib.