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  1. Please head to SESI forum for detailed info. https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/48620
  2. Spider Web RnD

    https://vimeo.com/185232153 Implemented in VEX. Appreciate your feedback and I'll try to address that next weekend.
  3. Spider Web RnD

    Algorithm is explained in this paper: http://algorithmicbotany.org/papers/venation.sig2005.pdf
  4. Linux partitioning scheme

    Did you install server version? If you installed desktop version then check your runlevel. To get gui it must be set to 5.
  5. about Surface Tension Models for SPH-Based Fluid

    You must remember while creating custom plugin that your C++ source file must have a .C extension. Source file location doesn't matter. You can compile it from anywhere but make sure you have full permission to that location. When you compile .C file, it gets saved in ~/houdiniXX.Y/dso folder with a .so extension. If you have single source file then "hcustom" can be used to compile otherwise "Makefiles". If .h file is written in VEX(similiar to C/C++) then there are two ways to read it: - #include "test.h" if it's in your $HIP directory - #include <test.h> if it's on $HOUDINI_PATH You can also set HOUDINI_VEX_PATH in your .env file.
  6. cant upload .hda file

    Yes, you can zip it before upload. Just a temporary workout.
  7. Detect colliding particles based on pscale

    You can use "POP Interact" by linking pscale to Core Radius.
  8. You can also write voronoi fracture pieces to disk. If you want, I can modify it as well.
  9. Export alembic with Python

    Didn't try but there is something: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini14.0/hom/abc_extensions
  10. Deprecated modeling node

    ophide only show hidden OPs. It can't show the OPs which are discontinued(removed) from Houdini.
  11. I created a tool for faster instancing. Most of the tool is written in VEX. It can instance live node from network and file from disk. It's ultra fast compare to copy SOP. You will notice huge difference on more 100,000 points. File attached. Check and let me know if you have any difficulty. copy_instancing.hipnc pbInstance.hda.tar.gz
  12. vdb velocity trail

    Are you using ID for trialling?
  13. $OBJID variable

    $OBJID returns dopobject's(all the dops under Objects tab menu) ID. POPOBJECT is a single dop so you will get OBJID based on number of object in dop network in order from left to right. You can't get number of points using $OBJID.
  14. Simulate last frame after crash FlIP Fluids

    To resume sim, you can save checkpoint files (in .sim format) with some interval.
  15. Adding mist to Ocean Evaluate Node

    You can use cusp attribute for sourcing mist.
  16. Particle separation flip fluids

    Use PointReplicate SOP or Wedge ROP.
  17. POP Replicate With @nage

    File attached....... Part_Test.hipnc
  18. POP Replicate With @nage

    Alternatively you can also create "emit" attribute to use as "Emit From Attribute".
  19. POP Replicate With @nage

    Create a "emit" group with following code in POPGroup: if(@nage > 0.4 && @nage < 0.8) ingroup = 1; Then use that group in POP Replicate.
  20. Setting material groups

    Yes it can be done easily. Can you post your file? So I can give you better solution.
  21. Render frame counter

    It is still there.
  22. Collision Group for Flip

    I mean to say use collider geo as source of force.
  23. Collision Group for Flip

    I would prefer to use those as force rather than collision object.
  24. HScript question

    It should be written as: if(ch("../bend/ctrl_bend")<=0, 2, 2+ch("../bend/ctrl_bend"))