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  1. Awesome man! perfect! Cheers for that
  2. Hi there. I have an effect that triggers on a frame. This effect will happen on each primitive. I have an attribute on the primitive that says which frame the effect triggers. My problem is that I dont know how to change that attribute for each Primitive. Right now I have something like this. @effectTrigger = 10; The effect triggers for all primitives on frame 10. What I would like to know how to do is something like this. @effectTigger(PRIM number 0) = 10; @effectTigger(PRIM number 1) = 13; @effectTigger(PRIM number 2) = 23; @effectTigger(PRIM number 3) = 48; Cheers
  3. Hello. I would like to toy around with an idea of moviing partcles, which are repersenting cloud, to move around a sphere. The driving force would be a high and low pressure system. Basically a animated black and white noise. I would like the normal of a point on the sphere to push the particles. I just need to figure out how to get the current point to look at 10 or so of its neighbours and point the normal in the diection of the lowest value of the noise. I am sure I can do this with vops. I just dont know where to start looking. Cheers
  4. Hi there. I have a bunch of particles flouting around a forest scene. I am trying to only render out the particles. But the trees seems to always show up in the normal and Zdepth passes. I would like to know how I can render the particles such that they are masked out by the trees but not to then have those tree rendered in any of my passes. Cheers.
  5. Hi. Yes I have tried that. Does not seem to do it.
  6. Hello there. I am new to houdini and have zero shader building experience. I am trying to build a shader that gives the look of ash on particles. I have a battle field scene with smoke and the likes flowing across it. So the particles needs to have random noise on it. This noise needs to effect the alpha as well. Then needs to fade off as it reaches the edge of the sphere relative to the camera. Cheers
  7. Hi there. I have a scene with several cached particle systems. When I send the scene off to the farm it creates IFDs. It seems to output the entire cached frame into the IFD. Making it take allot longer. Now my understanding was that checking the "delay load geometry" box in the "load from file" would make the IFD write out just a link to the cached geometry. This does not seem to happen. What am I missing? Cheers
  8. Great thank you
  9. Ok i have found the delay load procedural node. Assign that shader to my object and that seems to speed up the exporting HUGELY! How ever I now dont know how to add the shader I want to my particles because the "material" tab already has a shader on it. Any thoughts?
  10. Hi there. I have a scene with several cached particle systems. When I send the scene off to the farm it creates IFDs. It seems to output the entire cached particle system into the IFD. Making it take allot longer. Now my understanding was that checking the "delay load geometry" box in the "load from file" would make the IFD write out just a link to the cached geometry. This does not seem to happen. What am I missing? Cheers
  11. Hello. I am busy setting up the controls on a subnet. There are two things I would like to be able to setup but I cant seem to find the help for it. 1 A ramp. I have a few ramps in my scene and I would like to have them in a custom interbface. I am just not sure what I need to link up and where. 2 Visibility toggle. I would like to be able to change the visibility flag in my setup. So when I press a button on my interface I can then see my setup at different stages. For example. See the points scattered on my object before I copy things to them. So I can better see what they are doing. Cheers
  12. HI there. I have a sphere that I put a bunch of random attributes on to. I promote these attributes to vertex. I alembiced it out. On the Maya side I can find the color on the vertex. IT is under "colorSet[0]" But I cant seem to find the rest of them. I dont know if my problem is on the houdini side or maya side. If someone could please talk me through it. Or point me to a good tut that covers it. Oddly enough that seems to be a hard topic to find a good explanation on. Cheers
  13. Good day. I am trying to make a space cloud. I was thinking of using particles for this. I have a simulation running which is not looking to bad for a starting point. But I have run into a few issues. Firstly I would like to group particles in the cloud and assign different shaders to them. This seems to not work for me. I assume that all I need to do is add a material node. Add in the groups and point them to a shader. Cleary I must be missing something. Works when I do it to a box. Secondly I would like some of the particles to light up the surrounding particles. This seems to not work. It works when I assign the same shader to a sphere and put it in the particles. But the same shader on the particles does not work. Any ideas? Also if someone has any general advice about doing this, hints and tips to make it look awesome. That would also be helpful. CHeers
  14. Yes I see them as well. They just dont seem to do anything. I connect a vector to a vertex texture and I get nothing. This is why I dont know if I am missing something. Maybe the error is somewhere else. Like me exporting it from houdini? Any thoughts?
  15. Thanx Peon. I will have a look again. Might be something I missed. There are so many dam data nodes in Maya. Would be easy to miss. But I think I gave it a good once over. I dont think I missed anything. Maybe the problem is somewhere else? Multi points of failure makes it hard to find where the problem is.
  16. Hi there. I have a sphere. I have put several points on there with scatter points. I have copy stamped a sphere onto those points. I would like to have those sphere change in scale on rare occasion. Kind of like vibrating but in scale. How can I go about setting up a "vibrating" animation and then have that animation randomly execute on a random sphere from time to time? If I am not mistaken I need to use copy in chops. But I cant seem to find a good tutorial on this. Any idea where I can find one. Unless I am heading in the wrong direction on this. Cheers
  17. Wow great replay. I am so going to try this out. Thank you so much man !
  18. Sorry man. I dont know what "template points" mean. Still new.
  19. Hi there. I am sure this is a simple question and maybe I am just to blind to see it. I have a few dozen curves in a group. These curves are of varying lengths and point numbers. I would like a add an attribute to each point on these curves. This attribute should be 1 on the first point and two on the second so on and so on for the first curve. The same for the second and third and so on. I suspect I need to do this with a for loop but I just don't know how to go about this. Cheers
  20. That's great. Will try it soon. Thank you
  21. Hi there. I have a little issue with bittiness in my render. I have a scene with a fluid sim. This sim is then pushing some particles. So far so standard. The idea is to get a ink in water motion. But with a kind of solid render look. Think paint in water. When I convert the particels back to a volume using the volume rasterizer from particles. Those rogue particles that manage to get themselves away from the herd makes the converted volume look quite bitty. It there a way that I can convert this based off particle density? So if there are 5 particles in one voxel I get more density. Where there are one I get close to zero? Or maybe there is a way to cull particles that go rogue? If there is another completely different solution that I have not thought of that would be great. Cheers
  22. Hello there. I have a little question. Have a character running across the screen. From this character I am meant to emit fluids. Basically two fluids. A blobby large fluids that dies off quite quickly. Then another wispier fluid that is "left behind" and lives alot longer. So far so good. Because these two fluids are different scales and detail settings they dont move the same. The detailed sim sometimes pops out of the blobby sim before the blobby sim dies off. Killing the effect. I was wondering. Is there a way I can have a "third" sim. Sort of a velocity only sim. Something that looks at the movement of the character. Then pushed out a velocity field. Then my blobbly and detaily sim can read that information and use that as a bases for thier movement. This way I can say for sure that both sims will have the same basic movement. Cheers
  23. I know one can do this with attribute transfer. But I would like to know how to do this in VOPs. I have a random curve sitting close to a grid. I would like to assign a value to the grids points based off the distance from the curve. But in vops. Also. Now that I think of it. Lets assume the grid had a mountain on it. Is there a way I can assign a value to the points based on their normals pointing to the curve. So for example if a normal is pointing straight at the closest point on the curve then it gets a 1. If it is pointing away it gets a 0. Cheers
  24. I have a sim of particles. These particles are running across the surface of a object. I would like these particles to add a number to a point attribute when they get close enough to that point. Also I would like this number that is added depend on the particles speed. Faster particles add higher numbers added. The idea is to have "water" run over a surface and then "erode" the surface over time. So faster water would move more "sand" Any idea? Also does this make scene? Cheers
  25. O shit son. You nailed it!. Now I need some time to pull what you did apart and figure out how it works. If you could please let me know that would be awesome. I quick side question. Is there a way to take the information of the offset and save it out as a texture. The idea is that when more "water" bunch up in a area then that area will be more "fertile". Alowing more trees to spawn. Areas with less "water" will spawn more rocks.