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  1. Took a break from l-system coding and made some grow test. Just for fun =) Rebuilded branch structure, added some angle parameters to needles and the probability of their growth. It's just simple colors captured from viewport. Forgot how to paste video in post body, so here is a link below. If some one knew how to paste it, please wright in reply! https://vimeo.com/222534286
  2. Little update. Made 300 unique trees on grid with scatter. What is unique - generations, seed and height. Next try to make more flexibility with randomness or almost all elements and pack it in asset with all parameters.
  3. I have a house in the countryside, and on weekend made some photo. I was very impressed of what i saw. Some refs in attach.
  4. At first i decided to make spruce or Picea Abies, cause think it is the most complicated tree. Current progress presented in pictures. This is half of work on spruce. Next step will be replace curves in long branch with small branches with needles.
  5. Greetings. I can't throw away my idea about creating forest and plants generator. And for this purpose i will use houdini l-system. Yes, this is hard, but other systems usefull only for bushes or some abstract plants, i think. It will be long project. Later will add some progress pictures.
  6. Alexey, thank you! It works)
  7. Hi! Cant find information about how to create empty folder with python inside digital asset parameters. I have a python callback script and at the end i'd like to create folder named, for example, Animation. Just it right now, no parameters inside, only empty folder inside asset. Did anyone know how to make it? That's what i am talkig about.
  8. Upload video on vimeo. Better later, than never) Made simple scene where i combine muscle and bone deformations and made self collisions with no intersection. It's not final research, just start of it.
  9. Finally made it on VEX, with help of my friend) Later upload video on vimeo.
  10. Thank you, Farmfield! I'll try this and write about results.
  11. Hi! There still no possibility to geometry self collision in animated objects? For example I have tube, put in it two bones, capture them and animate rotation, just like elbow or knee. Cloth is not the solution, i'd tested it and it is veeery unstable. May be this can be done in vex. Watched course about VEX, there was week about collisions, but with another object. Very sad, that muscles have no self collisions. I still don't understand why it is not fixed yet(from H8 version).
  12. Very nice concepts! Just one question: why not use houdini for rigging and animation?
  13. Hi! Working with muscles, i found that the flexibility is not enough for me and the deformation of parts of the muscle can be done only with animating the scale parameters. So i decided to make some custom things to deform it in realtime, while moving control objects. This is example with IK on two bones and one muscle. The length of the curve controls the scale parameter to deform one(this can be all parameters with independent values) scale parameter. http://vimeo.com/97041744 I think will be good to make an asset from this. Hope on your feedback!
  14. Very nice, man! This is very demanded thing.