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  1. Render full tree for test. Just raw colors. Branches placed by hand. Still need a lot of work to do.
  2. Made some render test, just place branches with different iteration on top of each other with small offset. Changes - fading needles angle, rebuild branch grow structure.
  3. Thanks, Nico! Yeah, time is very limited) Try to implement this solution, will give a feedback when reach some result.
  4. This is what I am looking for) Try to make same thing for about two weeks, but no result. Great thing! Could you explain in breaf, how you made this? It will be very useful for making trunk with branches for project i am currently working on.
  5. Just small update. Add some curvature to branches with needles, to look more naturally.
  6. Hi, Houdini7! Scene with tubes is just an example=) I need to scale separate groups without scaling the tubes connected.
  7. Made some simple scene with simple setup example. boolean_attrib_groups.hip
  8. Hi! Can't figure out how to assign attribute to different group parts that boolean made. I have a cylinder with some cylinders rotated and transformed like a tree branches. They intersect with main cylinder. After subtracting them from main cylinder "trunk", there are abseams edge group created. How to assign attribute for each loop(I mean all loops has one attribute but with different values for each loop - 1, 2, 3...etc)? Or how can i create separate group for each loop? This is for purpose to scale/transform them from center of loop in foreach, to affect them all at the same time.
  9. Thanks for advice, stickman. Yeah, I really think about LODs. In the other hand curve rendering with controllable width parameter from ramp can solve problem with polygon count for mid and far planes. Will try different solutions.
  10. Connect small branches to main branch. Need some tune there. Think it is time to work with instances=) One branch is about 1.200K polygons. Optimization will be later on. Made some simple render with lights, but no materials.
  11. Hi, Tom. Quickly - well done not happen. For l-systems it is really need to spent good amount of time. Cmivfx explains almost every aspect of l-system. But how you use this knowledge depends only of you. With l-systems and vex can be produced almost every type of tree as you like. The most meaningfull thing - matematically correct grows. Then you can set probabilities of growth of every segment and cut shape with metaball. Reaction to light can be added to, but it is not an even solution. Houdini let us use our imagination like no other soft. But you must know what you want and step by step go to the final result.
  12. It will be cool if main structure had just a bit of animated noise, to look like its alive. Btw very nice!
  13. Test of branches with needles connected to simple branching structure.
  14. Rebuilded long branches structure. Added parameters to control length, tropism, angle and random angle of all lateral branches individually, based on growth rules. On picture there is just a quick test on tube, to check how randomness work. All long branches have unique structure based on growth formula with different probabilities of cutting lateral branches. Still a lot of work to do.
  15. Took a break from l-system coding and made some grow test. Just for fun =) Rebuilded branch structure, added some angle parameters to needles and the probability of their growth. It's just simple colors captured from viewport. Forgot how to paste video in post body, so here is a link below. If some one knew how to paste it, please wright in reply! https://vimeo.com/222534286