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  1. Hi Edward, I have unchecked "Create Intermediate Directories" option and tried again, but it still didn't work. Maybe I will submit a bug to sidefx, thanks for your reply!
  2. Hi all, I tried to defined HOUDINI_PATHMAP variable in houdini.env to map file-path from windows to Linux. Everything work just fine, all the external files like texture/geo cache files are loaded correctly in Linux. But when I render my Mantra node to output images, I got error message it said "the directory doesn't exist" Seems like the path-mapping doesn't work on Mantra node, am I doing anything wrong or I need extra setting?Thanks. Here is my setting : HOUDINI_PATHMAP={"X:": "/X"}
  3. It sounds like a good idea to combine different VDBs, I will give it a try, thanks.
  4. Thanks bunker, Did you mean "bounding box" culling in the region tab? I sliced particle with 5 regions, and the first image show the gap between 2 regions after meshing individually. I am not sure how I can merge them without any problem while rendering. How would you recommend to blend these two meshes? Btw, I also try to mesh the whole water surface in Linux system with a huge swap, 500G, and succeeded, as shown in the second image.
  5. Hi Ryan, thanks for your suggestion. I have use "fluid compress" node to cull off most of the particle by depth, the original particle (with side and bottom) is about 200 million. The layout is still work in progress, once I get the camera, I think I can remove more particle by camera frustum. Maybe I should consider increasing my particle separation, because some of the shot is away from camera.
  6. Yes, I set the same value of sim particle separation, 0.025
  7. Hi all, I am having problem meshing huge amount of particle. I have a scene with a boat cruising along the river with long trail, the container size is 50m x 60m, particle separation is 0.025 I got about 40 millions flip particle, which were distributed and simulated with 4 machines. When I used "particle fluid surface" node to mesh the surface, my machine ran out of 128G memory. Is there any better way to deal with such huge amount of particle? Or I should simply install more memory Pc Spec : dual Xeon E5-2630v3 with 128G ram on Windows7 Any suggestion will be very much appreciated, thanks! Jack
  8. It seems like increase constraint iteration to 200 can get better result. The lower particle separation, you need higher constraint iteration to make it stable.
  9. Hi all, I am using H15 grain solver to simulate falling snow. When the snow hit the ground, it behaves like spring. Please see the attachment. To remove the spring feel, I have increased my constraint iteration to 100, but it didn't help. Is anyone know how can I improve this, thanks! Jack spring_snow.mov
  10. Hi miles Thanks for your advice, "backface removal" dose the trick! Thanks a lot
  11. Hi all, I am rendering a ice cracked scene and I found the refraction is very flicking. Please check the attached movie file. I use a simple envlight with sky image HDR, the shader is based on basicliquid, the render engine is pbr. When I turn off refraction the flicking is gone. How can I fix this? Thanks. refraction_flicking.mov
  12. is this you are looking for? http://www.gerbertgosch.com/#!rndtextureflowpt1/c1gz5
  13. My Houdini bulletsop test - building collapse
  14. I got it, Thanks a lot!!
  15. Hi Milan Thanks for the great RBD solution. The speed of simulation is amazing! Much faster than Bullet DOP, also the constraint is very handy to use. I am checking the example file "voroni_impact_break", and I have some questions about btLoader. In the doc it said "btLoader Loads data from previous frame from the specified btSolver" Since we can specity solver path in the node, what is the input plug of btLoader for? What will happen if we plug something to the input of btLoader? Jack