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  1. Hi Mark, goldleaf was asking about custom projections in the houdini openGL viewport on my behalf. Thanks goldleaf! It sounds like from your description, unfortunately, it's currently not possible. However, I just wanted to check into your cubemap idea. Here is an article about how someone creates a real time openGL fisheye in unity: http://paulbourke.net/dome/unity3d/ i.e. 5 cameras facing outwards, each with a 90 degree fov. their resulting openGL views are then mapped onto a spherical piece of geometry with their UVs set appropriately, in front of the scene camera. Such that the scene camera sees the view of the 5 cameras mapped onto the spherical geometry in real time. Giving the illusion of a fisheye ray. Just wanted to check if there is any possibility of mimicking this approach, before closing this thread. thanks