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  1. Guys, thk you so much to with my learning, really appreciate it
  2. Hey Hartman, Just a follow up question, the idea of append(points,i) it make sense to me. however, i tried to append a custom attribute than it return me a weird result such as append(points,@id) den it does not really work, just curious wat did i do wrong?
  3. thk u hartman, its exactly wat im looking for
  4. Hey, thank you so much for your time to look at my post, just wondering how to store the point number in a attribute arrary? what i mean is if i have 4 points how can i loop through the point and get i[]@myarray={1,2,3,4} ?
  5. Hey, I'm Curious how to blur a volume with Volume Vops? I know i can use "volume blur" nodes but i'm hoping to isolate a region to blur the volume. Thank you so much for your time to ans my question in advance
  6. Hey Juraj, Awesome dudde, thks for sharing.
  7. Hey Juraj, Thank u for ur reply, I think using sort is brilliant. jt wondering if you can give an simple example on how to use find attribute value sop? I tried but I think I did wrong. really appreciate it
  8. Hey guys, I wan to ask a noob question, how to create attribute copy in vops. The reason i wan to do this is because i wan to Mix between original position and new position, those two object has different ptnum but they have same "ptid" attribute i assigned to them. Really appreciate your time to help me out Cheers
  9. Hey Guys, jt wondering if anyone of u knows how to dynmaicly creat constraint for cloth object? wat im trying to achieve is face peeling effect, i'm sending different pieces of face from at frame to the dop. but i wan them to follow the animation a bit n detect randomly at certain frame. Im really thkful for your guys advice. i attached a basic scene if your guys have time to play around with it test.hip
  10. Hey Guys, Jt one quick question on the grouping in Dop. wat i wann to achieve is a noise field only affect the teared cloth object. I'm able to figure out the tearing and group those teared object, but i not sure how to apply those info to the wind force. Thanks in advance for helping me learning houdini test2.hip
  11. hey Yader, thank u so much really appreciate your help and effort to create this file for me will try tat out soon.
  12. Hey Atom, Its exactly waht i wann output. thk u. however this method is a bit slow, jt wonder how ur guys will achieve this type of capture effect?
  13. Hey Guys, I have a question on capture a geom with wire animation. i tried to wire capture and deform with a single wire it works great. However, i have many wires when i do foreach, it kind of not working. im not sure why. i had attached the scene file and the animation. Thks for helping me in advance. Any other method to attache a custom geom with wire are welcome too:) FlipQuestion.rar
  14. hey matt, thank u so much, its awesome,really learn a lot from ur example file.
  15. Hey Jesse, I know there are a lot of alternate ways to accomplish same thing, im jt curious and wish to gain some knowledge about the for loop & for each node. This is the example i will wish your guys can help me out. It is jt use a unique attribute to connect 2 points more points, i know "add" can achieve same effect but like i said, im super curious about it. Thank you guys in advance for helping me learning this software exmaple.hip