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  1. Np. No packed prims unfortunately, You have to convert everything to polys.
  2. Updated the repository. And compiled for 16.0.557.
  3. Sure. Will add tonight.
  4. Distributing sims with afanasy

    Unfortunately no. It's been almost a year i came up with idea (dunno if i am the first though) but couldn't get any further. But fine folks at github are discussing on the concept, maybe something working is along the way. Too bad im not pro on python. Let me know if you can get something up and running.
  5. Hello everyone, I have recently wrote an inhouse python plug-in in c++ for houdini. H2A is a custom plug-in to export houdini geometry in arnold ass file format to be able to load in mtoa, htoa or c4dtoa. This plug-in exports almost every geometry type to arnold i.e. points, polygons and curves. You can compile or grab the compiled plug-in from: https://github.com/sergeneren/anima/tree/master/anima/render/arnold/H2A P.s. please excuse my sloppy c style
  6. Thanks Mila, that really helped. I wanna try the gdp->notifyCache(GU_CACHE_ALL) but seems it doesn't have a GA equivalent. Is it refreshCachedHandles ?
  7. Im just curious if heavy tasks as attribute creation can be done when user asks for it. And it may as well be a per point varying attribute.
  8. Actually that helps, maybe i can create a global GA_Attribute and return the last value in cookme function. But everybody seems to tell that global variables are the spawn of satan and should never be used.
  9. I can set the attribute in cookMySop's scope but what im really wandering if it is possible to do it in a function or callback
  10. Hello everyone, I want to be able to write a callback function that sets the cd attribute to something but i couldn't manage to get a GU_Detail that allows attribute write. Even if i was able to modify the attribute handle, i couldnt manage to get it back to main scope. Pls take a look at my code. thanks. PRM_Template(PRM_CALLBACK, 1 , &names[7] , 0 , 0 , 0, &setToPos), //This crashes houdini int SOP_myTest::setToPos(void *data, int index, float time, const PRM_Template *tplate){ SOP_myTest *me; me = (SOP_myTest *) data; OP_Context myContext(time); GU_DetailHandle gdh(me->curGdh(index)); GU_Detail *gdp = gdh.writeLock(); GA_Offset ptoff; UT_String string = NULL; UT_Vector3 colorValue; UT_Vector3 posValue; GA_RWHandleV3 colorHandle(gdp , GA_ATTRIB_POINT , "Cd"); GA_ROHandleV3 normalHandle(gdp , GA_ATTRIB_POINT , "N"); GA_ROHandleV3 posHandle(gdp , GA_ATTRIB_POINT , "P"); GA_FOR_ALL_PTOFF(gdp, ptoff){ posValue = posHandle.get(ptoff); colorHandle.set(ptoff, colorValue); } gdp->bumpAllDataIds(); return 1; } //This doesn't crash but does nothing.. GU_DetailHandleAutoWriteLock gdh(me->getCookedGeoHandle(myContext,0)); GU_Detail *gdp = gdh.getGdp(); //This also gets gdp but GA_RWHandleV3 colorHandle(gdp , GA_ATTRIB_POINT , "Cd"); does not accept const gdp. const GU_Detail *gdp = me->curGdp(index); //this crashes houdini too const GU_DetailHandle gdh = me->curGdh(index); GU_DetailHandle gdl = gdh.duplicateGeometry(); GU_Detail *gdp = gdl.writeLock(); //This gives me a const gdp too (can i convert from a const gdp to a write gdp ?) const GU_Detail *gdp = me->getCookedGeo(myContext); // This also does nothing const GU_Detail *gdp = me->getCookedGeo(myContext); GU_Detail *my_gdp = new GU_Detail; my_gdp->duplicate(*gdp);
  11. Hi, i am also trying to make my class multithreaded check this out it may help http://www.multithreadingandvfx.org/course_notes/MultithreadingHoudini.pdf
  12. Distributing sims with afanasy

    Does anyone uses afanasy to do distributed sim? Afanasy has a mantra renderer but did anyone managed to send a sim job to farm. Latest sidefx classes by jeff shows how to distribute by hand but i couldnt think of a way to write afanasy submitter. Git hub submission if you'd like to get updates: https://github.com/CGRU/cgru/issues/153
  13. Houdini Bacteria Growth

    Thanks Artem i will take an approach in pbd.
  14. Houdini Bacteria Growth

    Hi Artem, i would like to take an approach to verlet integration and hopefully come to a solver like yours but can't find that simple cloth example anywhere. Is it an hdk example file from previous houdini versions? If you have it lying anywhere on your drive could you please upload here. Thanks in advance.
  15. Per primitive rotation

    Yes that's it. I assumed it would default to position if none is fed but apperently it was 0,0,0. Thank you Sandeep, much appreciated.