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  1. Houdini, Algorithms and Python

    Thanks Manu, life is good again!
  2. Compiling shaders helps a lot.
  3. Hi! I'm using an attribwrangle on some geometry and when I try to loop through the neighbours and get their value 'foo', it returns zero where as looking at P returns (I'm assuming) the first/last P in the neighbour array. Anyone know what I can't read @foo? Thanks. @foo = 100; foreach(int i; neighbours(0, @ptnum)) { v@test_P = point(0, "P", i); @test_foo = point(0, "foo", i); } Solved thanks to Jacob - foo doesn't exist before the attribwrangle and point(0 ,"foo", i) is looking for the first input
  4. flip fluid sliding too much over ground

    You could build a field with stickiness only on the ground. There is an option to use a control field under the stick parameters.
  5. Ptex displacement-Houdini Workflow

    This workflow worked for me - http://www.tutorialized.com/tutorial/Ptex-workflow-%28Mudbox--Houdini%29/70299
  6. Do you have a hip file? Can't seem to recreate that issue. I know I've come across it before though. I get smooth results with this - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3wclDciEv7MNHZjdDVsZjlmaFk/edit?usp=sharing (uploading here seems to be broken)
  7. Traffic Lane Simulation

    Sounds like an opportunity to check out the Sensor Panorama VEX Nodes.
  8. Here's something I tried using the wire solver, hopefully it's a good place to start. I've only modified the damplinear attribute right now but you should play with the other ones too (should be in the help card/just mouse over them in elasticity on the wire object) Also try the fan force and playing with gravity to fake buoyancy and currents. anemone_v17_f.hip
  9. You might find a solution here - http://forums.odforce.net/index.php?/topic/11324-uniform-surface-scattering/page__st__12 You could also try a fuse with 'Keep Unused Points'.
  10. Setting a Tree on Fire from the Inside

    You could try transferring temperature by keeping the value from the last frame. Hope the file helps. fire_propogate_spread_v01.hip
  11. You can use the constant shader, no lights needed.
  12. Procedural Craters

    Thanks Jason! Great ideas, gonna try all that today!
  13. pops -> dops question

    $ID doesn't exist because it has to be created by the source. Looks like point() still might work if you give a specific point number. $P (for emitter point) doesn't look like it's there in h13.
  14. pops -> dops question

    Local variables like $PT can't be used in a pop source. A workaround for emitting based on a sop attribute is to delete the point / primitive that's not emitting. I've attached a file, hope it helps! pop_sop_attrib_emit.hip
  15. aurora borealis

    I made this by just extruding a line and then converting geo into a volume with a color field. I'll try rendering an animation.