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  1. Could you reverse your sim and write the IDs from the last frame all the way through to the first frame. Save that to disk and reverse it again when you read it back in. That should give you consistent IDs. -b
  2. "we, houdini users are not exactly designers" You know that is not the case. Plenty of designers use Houdini. And please dont include me in your argumentation. How dare you speak on behalf of all Houdini users. That is not cool. You might not be a designer but i am and so are many Houdini users i know. -b
  3. Toggle Network View Dependency Links

    tabs = hou.ui.paneTabs() # Get all the tabs for tab in tabs: # Loop over them if tab.type() == hou.paneTabType.NetworkEditor: # Test the type tab.setPref('showdep','2') # Set
  4. Dot Vector in Python ?

    You are missing a closing parenthesis at the end of dot = hou.Vector3(primColor).dot(hou.Vector3((rounded))) -b Too late
  5. Isnt that what the chop expression is for? chop("/ch/ch1/wave1/chan1") -b
  6. Houdini Expression Editor plugin

    This is really nice! Thanks. I wish i could tie this directly to "Edit Expression" though, instead of having to rely on the "External Expression Editor" command. Having a keyboard shortcut on the "External Expression Editor" is kind of limited (not your fault) as you have to either select or hoover over the "VEXpression" parameter label for the shortcut to work. Whereas the "Edit Expression" shortcut fires if you have the cursor in the snippet field. Would be even better if you could just select the node in the editor and fire of "External Expression Editor" from there. Again, not your fault -b
  7. CHOP's Frame limit

    Your chop Object nodes are set to only last 10 seconds. Set their Channel Range to "Use Full Animation Range" or set "End" to 42 seconds. -b
  8. Dot Vector in Python ?

    Works for me as well. Why dont you post a file showing the error. -b
  9. display msg at the bottom

    Check out the hou docks for the hou.SceneViewer class: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/SceneViewer.html You can do like this to ask the user to select an object: scene_viewer = toolutils.sceneViewer() nodes = scene_viewer.selectObjects( prompt='Select objects', sel_index=0, allow_drag=False, quick_select=False, use_existing_selection=True, allow_multisel=True, allowed_types=('*',), icon=None, label=None, prior_selection_paths=[], prior_selection_ids=[], prior_selections=[]) -b
  10. display msg at the bottom

    toolutils.sceneViewer() You'll find a few examples here: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/tool_script#prompting-the-user-for-a-position-multiple-positions-or-a-path -b
  11. Dot Vector in Python ?

    What are the actual values of primColor and rounded when you get the floating point error? Or are you getting an error just by declaring tolerance = 0.000001
  12. Dot Vector in Python ?

    What are the actual values of the "primColor" and "rounded" variables? -b
  13. Dot Vector in Python ?

    I think the problem is that you are not using the dot method the correct way. You are using "hou.Vector3(primColor).dot" but you need to use "hou.Vector3(primColor).dot(rounded)" hou.Vector3(primColor).dot will never return the dot product. It will return the method it self as i wrote earlier. -b
  14. Dot Vector in Python ?

    Im not entirely sure what you actually want to do but if you want to use the dot product method of the hou.Vector3 class, you are not doing it the right way. In your code you are calling: hou.Vector3(primColor).dot This makes python return the method it self, not the value the function is supposed to return. If you print this you will get something that starts with "bound method..." To make this work you also need to supply the dot method with a vector: hou.Vector3(primColor).dot(rounded) The first statement will always return True whereas the second will return any vaule between -1 and 1. Depending on the directions of the two vectors (primColor and rounded) you pass in. Cheers Bonsak
  15. Dot Vector in Python ?

    You need to look at the code i posted one more time:)