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  1. And why do presenters/tutorial guys always start with a Geo node, divie inside, delete the file node and THEN make a grid or torus or sphere or some other shape that there ARE tools for already. Why is that?
  2. Iterate over points to setPosition

    After adding the PythonSOP, click the little down arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the code window. There you should find "Move Points Up": node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() # Add code to modify contents of geo. for point in geo.points(): pos = point.position() pos += hou.Vector3(0, 1, 0) point.setPosition(pos) This should give you an idea of how to move points in python. -b
  3. In vex Set your "Import attribute UV" to vector and on your Grid1 -> UVTexture set UV attribute class to point. -b
  4. Hi In the left most column in the Scoped Parameter there is a little pin. Click the pin for any parameter you want to keep scoped. -b
  5. Capping two spheres?

    Hi Use PolyBridge like ive done in the attachment, or update to 16 and use the new Booleans -b shell-2.hiplc
  6. How do I randomise scale on copies

    You are right. You can go a long way with out using expressions. Houdini reads a set of basic attributes when using the Copy SOP, the Instance SOP and the Instance Object. Check out this link in the docs for a full list. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini15.5/copy/instanceattrs And while your at it, head over to Matt Estelas indispensable site with page up and page down of Houdini stuff. Here's a link to the section on Instancing: http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=Houdini#Instance -b
  7. If you're on osx you'll have to start Houdini from the commandline in order to see "printf" output. On windows it should pop up on "printf()" -b
  8. New Operator Types

    "Operator Style" is basically the type of operator you want to make. "Network Type" is which network (context) you want your HDA to be available in. -b
  9. I don't understand. Detail (once) is calculated 1 time for every frame. -b
  10. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    @anopara Great. This is a no-brainer. Just got all 3. -b
  11. Hard to tell but one test could be to promote the color map parameter on the Color Map node and enter the filepath on the outside. Animated parameters inside vops are not always stable. -b
  12. Hi Oslo Houdini User Group was started yesterday! If you are a Houdini user in or around the Oslo area, please join us https://www.meetup.com/houdinioslo/ First meeting will be in February. Details to be announced. -b
  13. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    Quoting the product page "A year in the making, cmiVFX releases volume 1 of a 5-volume, 17-hour mega-course showing...."
  14. Procedural Lake Houses tutorial

    @anoparaThis looks great! Do you know if there will be a bundle option for all 5 volumes? (When they are all released) -b
  15. Try to animate the "Display As" parameter on the "pyro import" node from "Full Geometry" to "Hidden" when you want the sim to go away. Just tried it here with smoke. Seems to work. -b