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  1. Mantra error loading Geo issue

    without properly combining volumes, just merging multiple volumes can be a bad idea. for example if you have 2 seperate volumes each with primitive names "density" "vel.x" "vel.y" "vel.z" the shader won't necessarily know properties to apply to competing fields. It can just cause horrible problems. To "merge" volumes, you can use vdb combine or volume merge
  2. missile trail simulation/rendering

    Another option is to just get nice particle motion from the trail, then vdb rasterize particles, and you can cluster by distance from cam for volume resolution staggering
  3. Super hacky, also looking for a better method DartThrowingAttempt_JG.hip
  4. Controlling animated instances

    Hey man, houdini is down at work atm so can't check out your hip, but basically if you have a trigger set up in your pops of when you want animation to start (I am imagining if it hits a surface, or something like that, then you'd make a new attribute that starts at 0 that adds 1 per frame), you can use this for what frame of the animation it is. Using the instancefile attribute (think that is the one) you explicitly tell what file to instance. So some sudo code would be string Frame = itoa(i@FrameCountingFromTrigger); //Frame is the trigger you add a value to every frame from whatever the condition is you want to start counting from s@instancfile = "/harddrive/project/instancefil1_" + Frame + ".bgeo.sc";
  5. 2 parameters in one link

    you can do something like this string parm1 = chs("../null1/parm4_"); string parm2 = chs('detail("../loop_info", "ivalue", 0)')); s@newparm = parm1+parm2; then if you need that value in a parameter, rather than an attribute, you can just point() to it
  6. Point Instancing Render Issue with Smoke elements

    No way! That's awesome to hear, thanks for actually following through with this, much appreciated and hope to hear more soon on it!
  7. To debug certain parts of shops, I always attach a portion that could be incorrect (or correct and misunderstood) strictly to Ce to just check out what it looks like. Try debugging your shader step by step to see what you may have done wrong. If you need more help please upload to cloud for sharing.
  8. Kill particles with SDF

    You can also do this manually in a sopsolver, object merge your sdf in, then volumesample(), if they are inside, kill.
  9. Point Instancing Render Issue with Smoke elements

    Hi Bifrost, just threw together a hip file. It will be a lot of work, but this is the workaround I used -- delay load procedural worked every time on the farm, whereas packed disk would break. If you have the time to get up a geometry node for every instance sequence, I would recommend taking the time to do that just because it is consistent. If you render Volume_One explicitly it will work (if you have 3 volume sequences, you will just need to create those three geometries... or 100 in your case ). I then tested to see if you can instance explicit delay load procedurals fast point instancing, in order to give you the ability to keep your current setup, but if you render instance1 you will see it error -- It can't do that, which I was hoping would be the answer to your issue. One idea I had was that since hard drives either read or write, but not both, that if the farm is in heavy load, then as it builds the geometry from disk, it could be potentially interrupted as it has to write something, and then resumes reading the rest of the geometry and so "skips" areas. I don't know how volumes are read, perhaps in buckets until 100%? If that is the case though, it doesn't make sense that it would read it in one go every time for delay load procedurals, but not for packed disk... I dunno super confused as to what is happening. Sorry for the bad news, super annoying problem to find at the end of a pipeline right at render time. JG_Instance_Example.hip
  10. Point Instancing Render Issue with Smoke elements

    Hi Bifrost -- A few months ago I was also running into this issue. Mine was a bit different as I was using only a few wedges and using packed disk prim to pull in. Same visual though -- it almost looked like entire cube-positions in random places didn't register any volume data. The only workaround I found for this was to actually create delay load procedurals for the wedges. Obviously that isn't an option in your situation, since I'm guessing you have a ton of instances... What's got me wondering is if anyone has seen this before H15... I never heard anyone mention this before that release. Sorry to say I never had time to chase down the issue further once I had a workaround working. Instead of having the points link the instancefile, you could try directly creating geometry as raw delay load procedurals(again this could take a lot of setup time depending on how many you have), and then have each instance link to that, instead of pulling directly file location on disk. That is at least somewhat more similar to the workaround. No idea if it'll work tho :/
  11. Why shadow color should be white?

    In this instance the shadow colour is subtractive. E.g., if you have a (1,1,1) colour volume, what shadow colour should I use to subtract? To make a normal-colour shadow, you want to subtract white.
  12. rocket launch

    Hello, here is one way of making particles into a density source that dops can source from. JG_test_launch.hip
  13. Injecting bubbles in Flip Fluids

    I haven't looked at squardis file, but bubbles typically are 'injected' due to surface movement of a liquid trapping air within the surface. With this in mind, you would want to emit bubbles within a range of distance of the top surface, where there is high vorticity. Then could have their emit velocity match flip vel, advect with the vel with a natural up force, and as it approached the surface, delete. This would give you a better amount of bubbles than just a density over time.
  14. Instancing geometry and mattes

    "I have to use micropolygon because I'm rendering volumes and want to matte out geometry." Raytracing / pbr works fine for this JG_Shadow_Matte.hip
  15. Whow, didn't even know about the point deform sop!