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  1. You can create custom visualizers if you press D in the viewport -> Visualizers -> click the +.
  2. If you are using the default setup, it will use the surface field as well to fill in. Thats probably what you are seeing.
  3. Enable "Keep in Bounding Regions" and select Bounding Object in the menu.
  4. That sounds interesting :). I'd have to do some tests as well, cheers!
  5. Switch to "Smooth Shaded" instead of "Smooth Wire Shaded" in the viewport. edit: Also, that is the bounds of a volume - so it's not just a random box, it has a purpose.
  6. Ah I see, thanks! So there's no real benefit for us mortals to use? I was thinking like using it to store on disk, for rendering, or something along those lines when you are "done" and don't need to change anything.
  7. The geo should have a 'path' attribute when you first import it into houdini (if you are using alembic). Make sure they have the same when you export it back, and use the "build hierarchy from attr" on the alembic rop.
  8. Has anyone used the new VDB Points yet? Have you found any benefit in using it somewhere along your workflow? I'm not really sure what to make of it yet, when/how/if to use it
  9. Easiest is probably to use the Dop Import Fields SOP, and set the preset to Flip Fluid.
  10. How are you importing the particles from the Dopnet? Create a simple flip setup from the shelf to see the workflow and do the same.
  11. You don't have to use foreach at all. See post here by Mawi:
  12. Bullet uses convex collision representations by default. In this case you should change the bowl to concave.
  13. The old mantrasurface is called Classic Shader now. So go to /mat, press tab and search for classic.
  14. Try the Primitive SOP. It works very well together with packed primitives.
  15. Combined Emission is set to "Full Opacity Filtering" by default, and this is usually reaaaaaally damn slow when rendering volumes. There is no way to disable it if you enabled this pass with the checkbox, so uncheck that and instead add an extra image plane -> choose combined emission in the dropdown menu for "vex variable" -> change Sample Filter to "Opacity Filtering". It should bring down the rendertime to normal.