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  1. timeblend Orient Quaternion

    That option is new in 16.5 though, he might not be using it.
  2. Custom Z-Depth Pass

    In your shader you can just grab 'P' (which is already in camera space because we are in a shader), take the Z component and fit it between what you want.
  3. How much memory do you use?

    It depends what you do and what your goal is. I'd say start with 64gb and then buy more later if you need it. Less ram also forces you to learn how to be more efficient, as well, so it's not necessarily a bad thing. And if you need to ask if you need more you probably don't at this point.
  4. missing reflections from fire

    It's because you don't have a density volume. The candle shelftool doesn't use density at all in the simulation (no idea why its setup like that).
  5. Cache Optimization

    If you've set up the FLIP from the shelf, it gives you a pretty good and optimized way of caching it out. Use that.
  6. Distance from center in shops

    How are you calculating it? If you just use P in the shader, the position will be in screenspace and not world.
  7. A quicktip is to use the Deformation Wrangle when doing stuff like this. It will take care of your normals and stuff, rotating them too. When just using a Point Wrangle and modifying P the normals doesn't follow (or any other vectors, velocity for example).
  8. renderstate vs packed fragments

    I found this in the docs:
  9. Volumes change density/quality in render

    Have you scaled the camera? Is it camera motion blur caused by the camera-switching?
  10. Voxelisation Effect

    You can use the VDB Visualize Tree SOP, set Active Voxels to "Solid Boxes" - and then remove all red boxes. Then you get a box per voxel only where you need them.
  11. Time-based paramater in /mat?

    Yes, but those parameters are already toplevel ones on a Material Builder node. Isn't the whole point of /mat to build shaders directly with VOPs in the context? I might have answered my own question, encase your VOPs in a material builder; but that sounds counter-intuitive to what I thought /mat was supposed to be.
  12. Time-based paramater in /mat?

    No it doesn't I'm afraid. The thing is that you can't have time-based parameters in VOPs, but the whole /mat context is VOPs so I have no idea how you're supposed to do it.
  13. How can I have a parameter based on time in /mat? Right now I'm trying to read in a point cloud like this: "/my/disk/pointcloud.$F.bgeo", but it doesn't work unless I change $F to a static framenumber. In VOPs/SHOPs you have to promote the parameter to toplevel if you want to have it time-based, but you can't do that in /mat.. Does anyone know what you are "supposed" to do? I really don't understand it.
  14. This video explains it pretty good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9AT7H4GGrA
  15. Help With Speeding Up Render

    I've solved crawling highlights before by adding the "jitter" parameter to the mantra rop and turning it off. It was a while ago last time so dont know if anything has changed, but you can try that.