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  1. That sounds interesting Mark, didn't know about that. Does this translate into the same thing for Mantra?
  2. Invert volume

    @density = 1-@density; Or use complement in VOPs.
  3. It's the volume representation of that object, that is what the pyro solver will see and collide with. Not sure why it shows up like that with no way to control it, but I probably have never done packed bullet and pyro in the same sim. You can see it in the Geometry Spreadsheet under sphere_object1/Geometry/Volume that it's in fact "there", and not just a ghost.
  4. Delete by Volume

    Use the Solver SOP.
  5. I've been using the Instance SOP a lot lately, its quite nice. It's really easy controlling what to instance with the instancepath string attribute, if you have 1 piece per file on disk.
  6. Activation expression

    if(condition, true, false) if($FF < 10, 1, 0) $FF<10 works too
  7. Import other image networks in COPs

    Use the Fetch COP.
  8. Server downtime

    Going to www.odforce.net leads to an error, forums.odforce.net works fine though.
  9. Actually no, sorry, you are right. It does match the Reference Field if the field already exists. Sorry for confusing you :). Not sure if it is possible to match a field from another object like that, but someone else might know.
  10. Gas Match Field DOP creates a new field. "Field" is the name of the new field, and "Reference Field" is the field it should take it's dimensions from. So you dont have to create the new field beforehand because that is what it already does. Keep in mind that this only creates a new, empty field. You have to separately copy/add data to it afterwards.
  11. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    I think it's been said that you should send them an email if you want something verbified/compilable. If it's an easy fix you might even be lucky and get it in a daily build.
  12. Subdivided sphere issue

    I got a couple of spheres I want to render with refraction. They are pretty low res, and I wanted to subdivide them at rendertime. However the poles get all screwed up (see pictures) and this is clearly visible in the refraction. I've noticed this lots of times before but it never really was an issue. Is there an easy fix for this? Probably a noob question but I have no clue really. I could go back and use the "polygon"-sphere (made up of only tris) instead, but then I'd have to resim and all that. Cheers!
  13. Negative Zero

    If you test like this it seems its the -1 it fails on: int test1 = @N.x == 0; int test2 = @N.y == -1; int test3 = @N.z == 0; if(test2) i@check = 1; Might be a rounding issue somewhere, because if you then change it to int test2 = @N.y >= -1; it works fine. Also if you normalize N in your example it works.
  14. It should show up in Render Scheduler.
  15. SOP Solver - Overwriting Parameters

    It's a multplier isnt it, so you effectively got 300*300=90000 ?
  16. Well, no. Sim files can be saved for dopnets, containing the whole simulation state. It's not a substitution for bgeo, but rather a tool if you want to continue the simulation at a given point. Mplay is an image viewer so it wont play geometry files, use Gplay for that.
  17. Low budget Pc to learn Houdini

    I'm not doing that much stuff at home anymore, but I think I got 4-6TB something - which was enough for what I did. Start with 2TB, and if you find yourself needing more just go and buy another disk.
  18. For things like the Transform SOP - how would it know which value it should use? You could potentially transform some geometry with thousands of points, with each point having a unique attribute value. Simply using @myattribute should return exactly what, then? So yes, it won't work with point/primitive attributes - you'd have to use Point SOPs or Primitive SOPs in that case since those work on those individual levels. The Transform SOP works on the detail of the geometry - so what happens if we promote our attribute to detail then? Spoiler, it works just fine using @myattribute in the transform sop when the attribute is a detail attribute.
  19. Well it is kinda free off the shelf, isnt it? To be fair I havent really used opencl before, but I laid down a box and used the Billowy Smoke shelftool on it, and set the resolution of the sim to 0.01. Running normally the pyrosolver takes 2m15s for 25 frames. Simply enabling the opencl checkbox that time is now 10s for the exact same thing, the sourcing itself actually takes longer now at 12s. The resulting smoke from both sims look pretty much identical. Have I broken something? Its a small and short test, but still, didn't expect this dramatic speedup at all.
  20. Uhm, why? It makes perfect sense and is widely accepted. Its called the object context, /obj/ for short, and 'object level' is just easy to say. If you'd call it "scene level", another novice might look for /scene/ that doesnt exist. If someone is refering to sops as object level, they are the ones that are inconsistent and doing it wrong. But theyre probably not in the majority, feel free to slap them on the wrist when they do.
  21. Loading an Image at Point

  22. Volume Sample RBD collision behaving oddly

    Using bullet? It doesnt use volume collisions and uses convex collision by default. See the guide geometry under the bullet tab.
  23. 16.0.593 here, that might be it. Still weird though. FOREACH_Loop_vs_Subnet_01_dv.hiplc
  24. Are you sure? Thats the only two things I changed. It looked more like the green one but not identical. You might need to press "reset cached pass" or whatever its called on the end block.
  25. Set the 'foreach_begin1' to Fetch Feedback. Also you have a stamp expression in 'randPoint1' which wont work. It doesn't make it look exactly the same but atleast its working.