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  1. You can use the Instance SOP. Just supply the path as a string attribute on the cached lowres points, that points to the correct highres piece on disk.
  2. popnet, getting number of points for sourcing

    Set the emission type on the pop source to "all points".
  3. Infrared Foliage effect

    I'm not a photographer expert by any means, but I didn't notice anything like that at all. It worked just as a normal DSLR, except the fact that the colors of your image is different Another thing you could try, create your scene normally with green leaves etc. Then render with only red lights and in comp pick the color of where the leaves are and set the white point to that. That's essentially mimicking what happens in real world and what you do in camera. To set the white balance on my camera I photographed straight down into grass on a sunny day, so green stuff becomes that nice white. If you don't do this the image is mostly red. I think the easiest thing is to just fake it though and do white leaves from the start.
  4. Infrared Foliage effect

    I bought a camera already modified for less than what a new one would cost, that was 10 years ago though but I don't think its too bad. People buy smartphones for $1000 nowadays, thats more crazy i think. Ontopic though, why not just make a standard leafshader but instead of green for color you use white. It is white because it reflects all (infrared) light.
  5. Updating targetP issue (grain constraint)

    The SOP Path for Input 1 on the popwrangle9 doesn't evaluate right.
  6. scaling RBD sim problem

    Did you change that preference before or after you created the sim? It doesn't change existing nodes, only ones created afterwards. Think of it more as a global default. Set the preference to 0.1 and drop down a Gravity DOP and see what happens. Now set it back to 1 and drop down a second Gravity DOP.
  7. Instance Packed objects

    Write each voronoi piece to a file on disk, then you can use Instance SOP and s@instancepath being the actual path to the file.
  8. Reflective volumes

    I haven't done it myself for particles but I reckon that would work! If it looks good and works for you go for it
  9. Odd resolution in pyro

    Is it only in the viewport? Press D to open up display options -> Texture -> 3D Textures -> Limit Resolution. You can increase or turn this off to display volumes at a higher resolution. You might need to shift the display flag around or create a new viewport for it to take effect though, if you change it.
  10. Reflective volumes

    Yeah, turn your particles into an SDF volume (with VDB From Particles), calculate the gradient of that (with VDB Analysis) and then sample that onto your particles to use as a normal. Even cheaper is to use the surface field from the sim, because we get that for free anyway (if it is a FLIP sim). Included both as an example here: particleNormals.hip Hope it helps!
  11. What if you only use Forced Matte?
  12. Reflective volumes

    It's because you have no normals. Take a look at the values on the node "point1", you tell it to add normals but a point doesnt have intrinsic normals so none will be added - the value for N is (0, 0, 0). Add point normals on the sphere instead, and the scatter will inherit those.
  13. Finding activation frame

    You can create a counter like if(@active == 1){ @counter += 1; } So when @counter is 1, that is your activation frame.
  14. Make boat react to waves?

    I have a small boat which is running through a FLIP wave tank. Right now I have only built the basics with the flip, and with the boat running along Z-axis with $F/3. I haven't tweaked it yet so the paddlewheels are kinda crazy, see the attached movie. Basically what I'm wondering is; is there a way to make the boat react to the small waves? The only thing I can think of is hand animating it, but that won't really be correct and it will be quite hard to nail, to be honest. My second thought was to make the whole boat dynamic, make it float and actually make the paddlewheels push it along. But that seems quite excessive. Anyone have some ideas on how to do this? edit: It wouldn't let me attach anything, view here instead: https://vimeo.com/68658489 password = odforce
  15. timeblend Orient Quaternion

    That option is new in 16.5 though, he might not be using it.
  16. Custom Z-Depth Pass

    In your shader you can just grab 'P' (which is already in camera space because we are in a shader), take the Z component and fit it between what you want.
  17. How much memory do you use?

    It depends what you do and what your goal is. I'd say start with 64gb and then buy more later if you need it. Less ram also forces you to learn how to be more efficient, as well, so it's not necessarily a bad thing. And if you need to ask if you need more you probably don't at this point.
  18. missing reflections from fire

    It's because you don't have a density volume. The candle shelftool doesn't use density at all in the simulation (no idea why its setup like that).
  19. Cache Optimization

    If you've set up the FLIP from the shelf, it gives you a pretty good and optimized way of caching it out. Use that.
  20. Distance from center in shops

    How are you calculating it? If you just use P in the shader, the position will be in screenspace and not world.
  21. A quicktip is to use the Deformation Wrangle when doing stuff like this. It will take care of your normals and stuff, rotating them too. When just using a Point Wrangle and modifying P the normals doesn't follow (or any other vectors, velocity for example).
  22. renderstate vs packed fragments

    I found this in the docs:
  23. Volumes change density/quality in render

    Have you scaled the camera? Is it camera motion blur caused by the camera-switching?
  24. Voxelisation Effect

    You can use the VDB Visualize Tree SOP, set Active Voxels to "Solid Boxes" - and then remove all red boxes. Then you get a box per voxel only where you need them.
  25. Time-based paramater in /mat?

    Yes, but those parameters are already toplevel ones on a Material Builder node. Isn't the whole point of /mat to build shaders directly with VOPs in the context? I might have answered my own question, encase your VOPs in a material builder; but that sounds counter-intuitive to what I thought /mat was supposed to be.