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  1. Great that's working now. Cheers
  2. Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble setting up a central network location for OTls and HDAs. I have set HOUDINI_PATH = "D:/Houdini/HDAssets;&" in C:\Users\graham.collier\Documents\houdini16.5\houdini.env However I don't get any of the assets in Houdini. If I put them in C:\Users\graham.collier\Documents\houdini16.5\otls then they all work. I'm running Houdini under Windows, anyone know what I'm doing wrong?? thanks
  3. Yes, your right it works in 15.5 also. I will try it in the latest build of 16 and then report it as a bug. Thanks Graham
  4. Here is a small test of what I am simulating. I want to add extra fracturing to this but can't as it doesn't work when using target geo. fenceFEMtest.mov
  5. Hi, I am doing some more FEM testing and have found that if you are using a target object then you can't use solid fracture as well without pieces jumbling up. Anyone know a way of fixing this. I have attached an example scene, if you enable fracturing on the solid object then you will see what I mean. Thanks Graham FEM_break.hip
  6. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    oh yes, found it now GDC2017_VertexAnimationTextures\Source\vertex_animation_textures.hda Thanks
  7. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    Just tried this build Houdini FX 16.0.547 but still old HDA
  8. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    Hi Luiz, I have been looking at the hip files and it seems that you have a newer version of the Vertex Animation Textures Asset. I get an error saying incomplete asset definition. Are you able to send over the latest asset or will it be available in the next Daily Houdini build. I am running 16.0.542 Thanks Graham
  9. Houdini to Unreal - Vertex Animation Textures

    Thanks Luiz this was just what I needed to get going.
  10. Hi, I am trying to export a fluid sim from Houdini 16 using the new vertex animation textures node. I am having a few problems hooking up the material in Unreal. I have copied and pasted the Fluid UE4 code but have found that there are no notes on how to hook it up and get it working. Does anyone know how to do this? or is there a sample scene or tutorial on setting up the Unreal materials? I have attached hip and export files plus a screen grab from Unreal. Thanks Graham flip.hip flip_col.exr flip_mesh.fbx flip_norm.exr flip_pos.exr
  11. FEM constraints H15

    Thanks again this makes sense now. I will post up a few examples when I'm finished. cheers
  12. FEM constraints H15

    Thanks for your help, and the hip Your hip file contains a cloth setup rather than FEM soft body but I think it works the same. I have tried pintoanimation with a FEM object and it does work. hip attached. I am wondering how you could go about and pin one end to another object to create a floppy tail. cheers FEM_pin.hipnc
  13. FEM constraints H15

    Hi, I am working on some soft body destruction with FEM, and I wanted a way to constrain some of the geometry around the edges. Not had any luck so far is there a way to do this. cheers graham
  14. PYRO on GPU OpenCL crash

    Thanks for advice! When I am back at work I will test the GPU RAM again with:- HOUDINI_OCL_REPORT_MEMORY_USE=1
  15. PYRO on GPU OpenCL crash

    Hi, I've not tried openCL on CPU. But I found this link to experimental openCL driver- http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini14.0/news/13/opencl