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  1. Here is a way using the bullet solver to handle collisions copy_to_point_without_intersection_1.hiplc
  2. If you watch a tutorial, apply it to a personal project of your own don't just recreate it and be done. You've watched a destruction tutorial on a building, now apply that to your own project with something different like a bridge etc. and use what you've learnt previously to push it further.
  3. Installed it using the package manager, I'd only manually install it if you really needed to as I've had headaches in the past too doing it that way
  4. Yep, just checked and I am running 381.22 successfully with a bumblebee setup on arch and H16.
  5. If you browse to the folder you mounted the external drive under, you should be able to access it normally just like any other folder
  6. Thanks for the reply bunker, I tried this with a default shelf tool fireball and then the shelf tool upres to test. This works great and is what I've previously been doing, but when I make the changes above I can't seem to get it to work properly. Probably just a silly mistake on my part, I've attached a hip file with it all set up if you or anyone else has a moment to spare upres_test.hiplc
  7. Hate to necro this thread but I'm just doing some upres tests and this is the only mention I can find of this, is there any chance you could elaborate a bit on the steps needed to tweak the upres solver. Just looking for another way to control my upres sim to match the low res closely
  8. I haven't even looked at getting the disconnecting working yet so nice one in pointing me towards that direction. Will keep testing I guess if I come up with anything that works I'll update it here
  9. Any chance you got this working in the end, just doing some r&d at the moment having some similar issues myself!
  10. So concise, I have lots to learn still EDIT: thanks so much for posting up the hip file, saw where I went wrong with mine and got it working in the end!
  11. Tried my hand at this one, couldn't get the last bit with the bob exactly as it is though. https://beesandbombs.tumblr.com/post/124275875509/descending dot_circle_spin_v02.hipnc
  12. Had this web page bookmarked a while ago, has some of the basic math that you're after so hopefully gets you going in the right direction! http://www.designimage.co.uk/basic-colour-correction-maths-for-compositors/
  13. You can pad out the frame numbers with zeros using a number after $F so $F4 would give you 0001. I think this is what you're missing from your filename. You can check the docs for more info http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/render/expressions
  14. Just saw something along the lines of this in a video this morning actually, here's the video at the part of interest (though the whole video is very interesting!)
  15. I've done this exact thing for trees using the method above to measure the area, works great. Just cache out the new tree with correct groups afterwards and you won't need to worry about speed.