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  1. Stylized Effects for Animation -WIP takes

    Mmm, did Dreamworks give your rights to show these images?? The movie just came out in theaters and it's written "do not duplicate" on them?
  2. If you haven't tried H16 yet, you may find yourself banging your head on the desk because they have changed the hotkey "1" and "2" to set the display/render flags. They have changed the key and also the way it works. 1. New way, hold "R" and left click on a node to change the display, "T" to change the render flag. 2. In between way, there's a preference called "flag hotkeys work on existing nodes" in network editor preferences. Now, if you press R/T, it'll set the display/render flag without the need of a click. 3. You can update the hotkeys, they're now called set primary/secondary/third flag in Houdini/panes/network editor - primary = template - secondary = render flag - third = display If you wish to update these shortcut, you'll have to restart Houdini
  3. Convert Hair to Geo + Export it

    This may suit your needs, use alembic instancing instead. Can't check it as I can't export the alembic at home. just be sure you have the "use alembic instancing when possible" parameter on (it's on by default) alembic_instancing.hipnc
  4. List out & select among nodes

    It feels like what you actually needed is to use the bundle list feature, it stores a selection list in a variable that you can then call directly in your Mantra Rop.
  5. Fuse points

    You can't have multiple curves in one shape, I think you need to create a hierarchy with the different curve objects. This should work, can't test it as I have a non commercial version of Houdini at home. POINT_FUSE_should_work.hipnc
  6. UV mapping a mass of hair curves

    Uvtexture with the rows and columns option?
  7. Paper tumbleweed style animation

    Good old wire solver does the trick
  8. Per-object camera motion blur

    Probably won't work for a shutter speed of 2, you could parent the object to the camera as a prerender script instead, then. Shutter of 2 frames + object without motion blur, the hell are you doing?
  9. Per-object camera motion blur

    Something like that? remove_mblur_v001.hipnc
  10. Creating a Subway network in VEX

    Try to use findshortestpath instead.
  11. Merge two objects, fracture exterior only?

    ah, already answered that question not that long ago
  12. Merge two objects, fracture exterior only?

    VDB fracturing should work wonders for your case
  13. Here are a few ideas. 1. Well that will depend on your camera shutter but you could just force the camera not to have interpolation in your shutter time. 2. Other way would be to change the velocity attribute on the particles depending on camera space. 3. (My personal favorite, used on Ender's game) Parenting the object to the camera at render time.
  14. convert name to uppercase

    good old infinite recursive loop
  15. Is it possible to cache Multiple Dop I/O with takes ?

    Have a look at the wedge ROP instead