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  1. Good Od folks Hi. I have a bunch (70) of photogrametry scans I need to bring in to animate in Houdini. They are sequentially named 01.fbx - 70.fbx.. Is there a "goto" way to import a sequence of fbx files and preserve materials? I am getting in the geometry with file node and $2F but the materials don't make it thou. Cheers
  2. I am in!
  3. $CEX $CEY $CEZ on a transform node? Or directly to the Pivot values.
  4. Getting there inch by inch heli-Desktop.m4v
  5. I forgot to check the Create Packed Geometry flag Thanks so much Adrian. The Itrinsics is still a mystery to me thou. If you could break it down further that would be fantastic. Cheers
  6. I downloaded the file and it opened for me here on H16.0.557....It may take some time to open the file as I locked the incoming fractured geo so you can have source file. And the display flag should be on the node right before the last NULL. "restoring_oldP" On the second image you can see the params on pack and unpack nodes.. cheers
  7. I am doing the Rigids 3 helicopter crashing tut and am kind of stuck. Steven is brief in explaining this part identity matrix. I wish it was broken down further. I store the current P as oldP, unpack, zero all the transforms, move to world origin, clean attribs, repack and put them back to the oldP. However parts of the geometry dont make back to the oldP. It is the parts that were prefractured by voronoi. I think it is ither in the unpacking or one of the attrib promotes that needs to be adjusted. I am just not sure what is going on under the hood... argh! Helly_01.hip
  8. Just did it Thanks!
  9. I did a search on the web and it was the first animated gif I found. The version of Maya and comparison of Houdini to Maya is not the point here. Improving workflow for users like me who might have had use for the feature is
  10. Would it be too much of a hustle to implement ability to "tear out" sub menus like one is able to do in Maya? It would be beneficial in learning when studying the nodes. Especially in the node area when using the TAB.
  11. Yupp. And looks like one needs to be in Netherlands. Bummer. It would be great if it was streamed or recorded and shared.
  12. everythingprocedural.com is timing out. Will this be recorded and shared online? cheers
  13. Hi. Check out a workflow enhancement offered by this wonderful script. https://github.com/paulwinex/pw_MayaToHoudiniChannelExport http://www.paulwinex.ru/mayatohoudinichannelexport/
  14. Hi. I am trying to model buildings based on CAD drawings. The part I need help with is roof at this point. The relevant curves are in three layers. "Takkant", "M__nelinje" and "Bygningslinje". Here is an illustration of the data/Groups. "M__nelinje" Group has curves for the centerlines of the roof(s), "Takkant" has the edge lines and "Bygningslinje" is for corners.. My math/Python and VEX skills are not sufficcient to come up with a solution. If you can please have a look and suggest a path I should take to be able to work out roofs for these buildings? Cheers CityFromCurves.rar
  15. English is my third (of four) and if there is something unclear, you have questions, suggestions or comments, don't hesitate to ask. Cheers