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  1. Just out interest which version were you using? Thanks
  2. Flip jittering and meshing problem

    Hmmm... What are you meshing with? A denser point cloud should help you out... creating more information to derive the surface. You could try creating a "vdb from particles" node, and then filtering using the vdb tools. It can give your more control especially in small scale effects like the one you are trying to achieve.
  3. Flip jittering and meshing problem

    Hi Mossi, Flickering: Looks like you are a using a lot of filtering on your flip fluid to get the detail you want. Try turning all that off on your meshing - it should stop flickering then.Try reducing the particle separation in your Flip sim. This should allow you to create a more detailed point cloud. You shouldn't need so much filtering then and the filtering you do need should be more stable. Sticking to surface: You might need a sop solver to force them to stick. The other option is a nasty post sim SOP approach.
  4. (SOLVED) Mirror in vops?

    A useful way to think of it is that if you have a function(noise) and you put the same input into that function, then you will get the output. So if you manipulate the position to repeat the same input, you will get the same result. In f1480187 example, a point's position (-1,-1,0) gets remapped to (1,1,0)... so it will produces the same noise result as the point that has the original pos (1,1,0). Effectively a mirroring.
  5. Currently, each loop in a for each loop works in serial - one after the other. You can now "compile" loops to improve things, however not all nodes are supported. My guess is the Assemble works in more parallel fashion. This video is very informative: https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/houdini-16-masterclass-compiled-sops/