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Found 5 results

  1. Grains morph target geometry

    Hey, how would you go about transporming the target geo in something different without having the grain solver go crazy? So not just a transform, shuld be a different kind of geo. Also with intact constraints.
  2. Hi everyone, I've search here for an answer, but with no luck, so here is my problem. (And thanks for anyone reading and yet more for anyone that could help me!) In the attached video, you can see that some packs of grains choosed to not behave as the others... Some pack are going up ignoring gravity, and some others, worst, seems to be thinking "oh, let's stop going that way and let's go straight in another random direction"... Of course i'm just discovering grains, but after one week trying all kind of setups/parameters values, i'm really lost! This test was done by the shelf, with "wet sand", and i've only changed a few parameters: - min/max substeps in pop solver to 20 (and just 1 for the main popnetwork substeps). - constraint iterations to 60 in the pop grains (my grains are stacked in about 50 layers). - scale kinematic set to 1 - clumping weight: 2 - clumping stifness: 20 - use openCL: on - my monster and ground are bullet colliders set to concave and no bounce. The rest are default. Does anyone by any chance have any kind of idea? Thanks a lot for your time, and really, sorry if that was asked before, but i really didn't find it... grains.mov
  3. Hi, using grain solver for snow pile source from geo,but when i convert geo into scatter for increasing amount of particles ,solver doesn't work.is it support converted geo into scatter ?
  4. falling snow

    Hi all, I am using H15 grain solver to simulate falling snow. When the snow hit the ground, it behaves like spring. Please see the attachment. To remove the spring feel, I have increased my constraint iteration to 100, but it didn't help. Is anyone know how can I improve this, thanks! Jack spring_snow.mov
  5. Hi all! I'm trying to do a PBD sim of a character who's body turns into sand over time. My problem is that I'd like the sand as it falls to collide with the moving body but obviously the parts of his body that have turned into sand should no longer be collided with as they are no longer there. This poses a big problem that I have not found a solution for. How do you have a collision object that's topology is changing over time? Houdini cannot interpolate between frames where the point count/order changes which makes complete sense but what is the alternative? Can anyone offer a solution or alternative approach for me? In the attached file you can see the spread (in red) where the character is turning into sand. The parts that are not red need to remain as collisions. Thanks so much!